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Biopsy Results - Metastatic Adenocarcinoma

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Biopsy Results - Metastatic Adenocarcinoma

Well, we expected to hear this with the pain I have had but we are still in shock. I am at peace with this and feel I have had many blessing in my life. The doctor has recommended chemo once a week for 3 wks and 1 wk off. He said it may extend my life by 3-4 months. I am walking around in a fog. I guess this is the circle of life.

Thank you to everyone for your support here.


Brenda Bricco
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I am so sorry to hear this, I so wish you got better news.
GOD bless you.

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dear lizy,

this is the hardest news to hear.

we should be thanking you for all the support you have given us.

maybe some meditation might help clear the fog.

we all have the circle of life, i guess its just how big the circles are for each of us!

I hope your circle is filled with love and peace each and every day!



PS I notice your lovelly little white dog, the other day i was meditating on the beach and patting my dogs at the same time. i got a real lift out of it!

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chemo rounds !
God bless you!

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may they be workable for you. I was just browsing as I do and just wanted to say I know just how you are feeling. I was diagnosed in March 2011 with mets to liver. They thought it was resectable-didn't finish or do resection/or rfa because of condition of liver. Bottom line I have refused chemo so far and taking my chances. I have lost so much time being sick with chemo and surgery, I have decided to do it my way. I am scared of my choice in some ways but I just don't like chemo and they said 6 mos no chemo maybe 2 years with chemo...no one knows, and I have had so much lost time being sick with chemo/surgery, not cancer which is the real problem...sorry to be rattling, but just wanted to say no one knows how long we have and though I feel crappy, I would feel a lot worse on chemo/possible side effects. I may change my mind next month, maybe it will be too late, but for now it feels right. So just wanted to say I understand your thoughts and bless you, I wish the best with whatever choice you make. You are not alone. Pat

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Thank you for your post. I am beginning to feel more like the way you do. I have suffered so much with being sick with chemo that 3-4 months extended life with that sickness is not what I want. I am truly thinking about canceling the chemo. Thank you for sharing with me.


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I pray that your fog be lifted and that you only feel comfort as you walk through this next phase.

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Oh dear, I'm completely at a loss for words at this news. May peace be with you and your family.

Love, Cynthia

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This news breaks my heart and makes me so sad for you.............! Maybe it will not get any worse?I looked it up after reading your post and it does happen. I am sorry you are living with this new news, and fear.
Hoping for the best possible outcome
Your friend in California

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I am so very, very sorry for the news you received.

Hugs - Tina

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Hi Lizzy

I'm with Cynthia - I'm sitting here stunned:(

From this prognosis, I can only assume that the met is in the pancreas, which we feared? Am I to understand that we're talking 3-4 months from now approximately?

I'm sickened with this news but I so appreciate you updating everyone. I'm just trying to wrap my head around the news, but I just won't let myself right now. I need to think.

I'm just so shocked, because you have in pretty good shape most of the time I've known you here. Now, to hear of this turnaround.....I don't want to think about you not being here. I've always enjoyed our talks.

I know I've always told you that with you, "Carolina is always in my mind..." so I will say it once more.

Whenever I wear that sweatshirt with CAROLINA across the front, it's for you that I wear it - it's hard for this ol' Texan to fly another team's colors, but for you I'm proud to wear it and tell people the story of how I got it. It gives me comfort and I feel like I am close to you when I have it on - that make any sense?

It will always make me think of you. I love you, Lizzy...and I'm just sorry - please give George a big hug:)

This just can't be happening...


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I have been thinking about you and praying that you would get better news. I am so very sorry to hear this news. I really breaks my heart. I always hope that the doctor is wrong in cases like this. Sometimes they are. Nobody really knows how long someone will live, except for God. I will keep praying for you. Hugs, Teri

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Hi Lizzy,

I'm not very good with comforting words...I stick mostly with offering link assistance and information (and sometimes my own opinions). But I do want to remind that often doctors are wrong. Please get another opinion and consider all treatment options available to you before making a decision about your next step. Also, let people help you, hug you and humor you <3


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Kimo Sabe
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Please, get a second opinion. You will be glad you did.

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Hugs and prayers your way. I don't know what to say :-( I will pm you in a little while. I hope you know how much you are thought of and loved on this site. As Craig say's this can't be happening.

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Lizzy, like everyone else I am so shocked and saddened by this news. All I can do is pray for you and yours. May you have peace, & strength and feel the love that is coming from this board.

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lizzy what to say ? what to say?

I guess in some ways it is news like this that we all wait for....somewhere in our little chemofoggy brains we wait and pray we will not

Lizzy I have never met you but may I say your warmth and your gentle nature have always shone through

I send you love my dear friend and pray you find strength


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Thank you all for your messages. I feel comforted when I read your posts. I appreciate all of you.

----- Let me clarify that this is not Colorectal Cancer. The Onc said this is a new diagnosis and it is Pancreatic Metastatic Adenocarcinoma. His prognosis is 6 months to 1 year. The short-term chemo of Gemzar may extend my life 3-4 months. I am going back and forth on this chemo even though I have made an appt for Monday. I do not want to live the remainder of my life with nauseau and tiredness and in the bed. I have been given pain medication to keep me comfortable.

Thank you again for all of your comments. They are so important to me.


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we never know what this life is going to throw us.one day at a time dear friend my prayers are with you....Godbless...johnnybegood

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I'm pretty much like Sistersledge, just not good with comforting words, I'm at a loss right now. I am so very sorry about this news, it's just so horrible. Take care.

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You're an incredible woman and a source of inspiration for so many of us on this site. I can only imagine how amazing you must be in person, and how those who are lucky enough to personally know you, love and care about you. Whether we like (or accept) it or not, everyone sooner or later will pass away regardless of having cancer, their religious belief or lack of religious belief, their social status, or any other reason. It's part of the deal. It's also something that I don't imagine many people really look forward to either. I strongly believe that living your life is more valuable to a person than deciding to merely extend their life. It's a very personal decision that most of us may have to make at some point.

I just want you to know that I really admire you and have admired you during our time on the site. As others have stated, doctors have been known to make mistakes, sometimes they even make them in our favor...

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I am so sorry. holding you in the Light for peace, comfort, and strength. I pray for healing for you.

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So very sorry to hear about this latest diagnosis.

I pray that regardless of what you determine about treatment options, you will have pain free days of sunshine and strength.

Throw out the calendar. Don't count the days that are left...count every day that you have with your family and friends.

Much love to you,

Marie who loves kitties

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Praying for the right decisions for you and your family. These are things that we each have to decide for ourselves because we are the only ones that can walk this path. Follow the path that gives you peace, Lizzy.

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Lizzy, my prayers and good vibes are still coming your way. Never give up hope. God works in mysterious ways. This might be a wake-up call to try something else.
When he closes a door he opens a window.
Hugs Marjan

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This is just awful news. I'd been hoping for something better. So this is a secondary cancer? Like others have said, would you please get a second opinion just to have a choice. I'm so sad to hear of this but can understand you not wanting to do chemo and being sick the entire time. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs! Kim

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You are in my thoughts, daily. I don't know what I would, except perhaps try a completely different treatment. Prayers going out for you.

Fight for my love
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Dear Lizzy,I can't believe what I read.I really don't know what to say.It is just so hard to believe it is pancreatic cancer.God bless you.You are in my prayers as always and I wish you the best as always.Take care.

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My heart breaks at this news.. I am praying for guidance and clarity and peace for you.

Sending aloha your way.


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They said I had colon cancer, then they said I had pancreatic cancer, then they said they had no idea what kind of cancer I had...they took a best guess approach in selecting my treatment options and told me that it was unlikely the chemo would work for long, if at all. Guess what...they were wrong, wrong, wrong...chemo kicked cancer's butt, had surgery and am NED as of 8/11/11.

Just sayin...

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We'll be walking beside you on this newest journey in the cancer world that you are entering, with you, each step of the way, I figure we've got a nice long walk left in you yet, so we'll just enjoy our travel together, shall we?
May I say though, that this just plain sucks!!! I'm offended by this cancer almost every day, and somedays, like today, even more so.
I'm just wondering if the chemo would also help shrink your tumor a bit more, so that you would be in less pain, so less reliant on pain pills fogging up your day?
May you have many more blessings,
Winter Marie

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I am so sorry to hear this news -- although it sounds like it was not a complete surprise to you. I wish you peace as you face your decisions -- and I know you will make the right decisions for you. Love, Tara

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I am saying extra prayers for you for strength and guidance as you process all of this.

Big hugs to you,

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I am so sorry to hear this. Please know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Since I read this the other night I have been thinking of you. My ex-brother-in-law is 53 and his wife was just diagnosed with Thyroid cancer this summer and just the other day he was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. We never know what will happen in our lives right around the next corner do we? I pray whatever decision you come to that you are comfortable with it. I know one thing, everyone on this board is pulling for you.



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