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Tripping over joy

mariam_11_09's picture
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This is a poem that for me is a reminder to not take life so seriously and just surrender to the 'now' whatever that may be ....

What is the difference
Between your experience of Existence
And that of a saint?

The saint knows
That the spiritual path
Is a sublime chess game with God

And that the Beloved
Has just made such a Fantastic Move

that the saint is now continually
Tripping over Joy
And bursting out in Laughter
And saying, “I Surrender!”

Whereas, my dear,
I’m afraid you still think

You have a thousand serious moves.


Marcia527's picture
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Joined: Jul 2006

My experience of existence is more like a poker game. but I like the poem.

Buckwirth's picture
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Joined: Jun 2010

is still worth going all in?


Love the poem. Even without a faith, that is one I can relate to.

mariam_11_09's picture
Posts: 695
Joined: Nov 2009

Ha ha ha Marica! Life itself is a gamble.

Buckwith, I was hoping that people would be able to get past the religous part and see the poem for what it is worth.

Hondo's picture
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We all take things too seriously. I love seeing my grandkids as they are always doing funny little things that make me laugh. My problems are that I have to be careful not to laugh too hard or I will hurt my jaw every time.

But in the end it is well worth the happiness it brings

RE's picture
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This is a wonderful poem Mariam, thank you for sharing it hope you are doing well!



PhillieG's picture
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Mine is more like a Crap Shoot.
I'm always saying either Crap or Shoot!

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