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ian gawler tip 1 broccoli sprouts better then broccoli TIP for juicers with crc

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anyone else here growing and juicing broccoli sprouts to beat crc ?

I was not aware of how much more effective broccoli sprouts are over mature brocci until I attended the ian gawler cancer center retreat a few weeks ago.

i said i would pass on the info, i also found a reasonable study to make juicing these sprouts a sensible option for anyone going top the effort to juice, might as well do it properly if we are going to do it at all.

i am.

these sprouts have heaps more sulphoraphane than mature brocci.
now i have been juicing brocci for 12 months.


to keep costs down and ensure peak health i am going to grow these some how.
and then juice them.

so i eat my raw broccoli and smile that any little mets might be getting committing suicide.

mum was right eat your vegetables! except your broccoli is more effective raw.

some science behind my emerging vegetarian lifestyle and newest juicing improvement.
broccoli sprouts. yes i know i sound enthusiatic, its been months since i got this positive about another little natural remedy.

Our findings suggest that, in addition to the known effects on cancer prevention, sulforaphane may have antitumor activity in established colorectal cancer.

I have just ordered the sprouts seeds and i will post as the process continues....
until i get the first juice. i want to work out how much i need to keep me well supplied.


ps would it be amazing if a simple grow your sprout at was more effective than chemo and costs a few cents and does not heaps of other damage. imagine if any stage iv have tried these i would be interested in your experience.

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and will add broccoli to the mix.

thanks, Pete

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Sprouts can be hazardous to your health, and are probably best avoided by those with compromised immune systems:

Sprouts Culprit in Breakout

Note the section in this article on growing your own:

Why Raw Sprouts May be the Riskiest Food in Your Grocery Store

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Hi Pete,
Can I grow those indoors? And where can I order those seeds. Please let us know how much to grow and use in the juicer when you get there.
I juice every day and so far so good to keep the beast at bay, I also walk on the treadmill or outdoors,

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Please let us know how this works cause thanks to you and Emily my husband is still juicing strong!!!

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i am a virgin sprouter, just exploring the options, wanted to see how big this is here on our site. great i am the first broccoli sprouter here!

why is it so hard, its depressing to reflect on how many wonderful healthy natural things are being missed. we are not trying to beat the common cold here. are we ? no!

my onc highly recommends sprouting broccoli to cure cancer!!! but only in my dreams.
the only treatments the onc and surgeons advise have to have double blind published good quality clinical trials. this reality means all difficult to proove and publish supplementary therapies are not considered! ie vitD and walking to name a few!

I am not going to sit back and order my casket! noway in hell!
I it took me 43 years of life to learn how important good health is, everyday i am learning how to attain it. good health is a process, its not a destination.

I have this unshakable commitment to my health, primarily for myself, then my wife and kids and friends. that includes everyone on csn. I don't post as much as i did before, too busy walking and juicing and meditating. I have no guarantees of success but I am optomistic. Whenever I have that very long rest, I will certainly close my eyes with a smile , knowing i have given life 100% and that the message my kids have clearly got already.

for me the sprouting benefits clearly out weigh the risks.
the gawler foundation put 1000s of people through their health and healing course, they advise sprouts and did not mention caveats blake raised. i have faith in their recommendation but still sincerely appreciate blakes input. the possible health benefits are too great. the risks of poisoning seem real, but can be managed i hope. like all home grown food. if i fall off the planet and the sprouts get me well at least i beat the crc anyway.

obviously a good supplier of seed seems more important. the source of blakes article is a guy called meathead, so i'll just let you decide. i know what i am doing. blakes warning about immune system is fair enough and i guess the risks are real. that said crc will certainly try to kill us, no risk just a when. so if i die trying to beat it worst case then at least i am being as aggressive as that bastarrd disease. i can outsmart it, its a few dumb persistant cells, that just don't know when to die. All i am doing is teaching them how to die. every anti cancer activity is a few dead cells in my book, everyday i am making my mind and body stronger. this little green juice is another weapon. it makes me feel good. i spent time and money going on the gawler retreat and i am sharing a few things that i learned.

How to grow broccoli sprouts
Dr. Paul Talalay and his cancer prevention research team at Johns Hopkins University found that these baby broccoli plants contain up to 50 times more sulforaphane, an anti-cancer plant-produced chemical, than broccoli heads. Cancer tumor development was reduced up to 80 percent in animals fed sulforaphane extracted from broccoli, but not every person enjoys eating the recommended 2 pounds of broccoli heads per week. The seedling sprouts, peppery and crunchy, do not taste like broccoli and may help some folks get their protection from this vegetable by consuming much smaller amounts. Here are tips from our Horticulture Department on how to grow broccoli sprouts.
Save clear plastic sprout or salad containers with clear lids.
Clean and sanitize these light-admitting "baby greenhouse" containers. Also clean utensils used in this container to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.
Purchase only broccoli seed that has not been treated with protective fungicides or insecticides. This will be stated on the label. We recommend the lower cost open-pollinated varieties, e.g. Waltham 29, De Cicco, Calabrese, or others in lieu of expensive hybrid seed. A good Virginia source of this is Wetsell Seed Company in Harrisonburg.
A 20 minute soak in 10 percent household bleach solution (one part bleach, nine parts water) will sanitize seed and containers for each seeding. Rinse seed and containers under clean cool running water in a wire mesh tea strainer, then place seed on (not in) wet absorptive white paper toweling in the bottom of the clear sprouts container. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of seed on moist mat per 5" X 5" container.
Place clear, ventilated lid on the clear sprouts container and set under florescent light or near a window at room temperature. Full sunlight may be too warm for broccoli seed germination. Fresh seed germinates in 24 to 36 hours at optimum 70-78-degree temperatures. Germination (and sprout growth) is slow at temperatures below 60 and above 90 degrees.
In 3-5 days after sprouting, enjoy these edible, healthy sprouts sprinkled on salads, sandwiches, or vegetables. Always refrigerate sprouts in their container until consumed.

This information is from Charlie O'Dell, Extension Horticulturist at Virginia Tech
Return to NetLetter

just goto to pubmed and search on sulforaphane. add any for and against sprout info you think made an impression to this post.

I used to say live a little, now its live a lot, every minute, every hour, every day!

I scuba dive with great white sharks in my dreams, am i going to let some sprouts kill me.
My post is sharing what i am doing, for me. I am not selling sprouts, or encouraging others to sprout. Everyone has to do their own research for their own lives. I only take responsibility for my life, for my actions. Its against csn policy to give advice. I was asked here to share what I learned at ian gawlers retreat and I am doing that as i implement those activities in my life.


ps the disclaimer at the end of blakes article, red meat is a known risk factor for crc!
meatheads advice is to the general public, they

Will you still eat raw sprouts?
Now you have the facts. Still want to eat raw sprouts? Serve them to grandma and the kids? In the words of Dirty Harry "You've got to ask yourself one question. 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do you punk?"

Photo by gleangenie

All text is Copyright (c) 2011 By Meathead, and all rights are reserved

For more of Meathead's writing, photos, recipes, and barbecue info please visit his website AmazingRibs.com and subscribe to his email newsletter, Smoke Signals.

My answer to meatheads question is "I feel I am a lucky punk!"

Whats more deadly crc or sprouts bugs. I have written so much here because I felt motivated to do so. I have to go make my juice, tea, meditate and get to my yoga class first private lesson.

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Note my caution, which was not aimed at someone like yourself who is in a healthy remission, but at someone whose immune system is compromised, either temporarily by treatment, or permanently for other reasons. You may feel lucky, because a bout of salmonella is likely to only cause you a days worth of discomfort.

For someone with a compromised immune system it is very possibly a death sentence.

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It is rare to be hazardous to consume sprouts that have been self-grown...problems are few and most known to arise from farm-grown products (organic farms safer than non).

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from my local government food authority.
cooking will destroy the essential components of the sprouts.

Reducing risk

While all raw and lightly cooked – still crunchy – sprouts can pose some risk, alfalfa, mung bean and clover sprouts are most commonly linked to food poisoning.

Here’s how to reduce the risk of food poisoning from sprouts:

people with developing or lowered immune responses are advised to avoid all raw and lightly cooked sprouts
avoid any sprout that's dark in colour or smells musty
if buying loose sprouts, use tongs or a plastic bag turned inside out to pick them up
if buying packaged sprouts, choose crisp looking ones , preferably from the refrigerator
if growing sprouts, be aware that even the most hygienic of conditions will not ensure the sprouts are bacteria free, and
cook all sprouts thoroughly before eating.
For more on how to avoid food poisoning please see keeping food safe.

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I don't want I'll health from sprouts either, I appreciate the
Warning. Sprouts are sold everywhere here in shops with no warnings.
Go figure, your warning is great, informed consent
Is my mantra, you informed me. So thanks.
What's the real risk benefit, impossible. Uncertainty don't you love it.

Individual decisions with challenge of life.

Irony here is if sprouts really do help, I hope so but am uncertain.
Clearly those most in need are stage 4 with active tumour growth and they have weakened immunity. Now if they did all the tricks to to obtain strong immunity ie improving health while on chemo, I achieved that.

I appreciate the warning, I will be careful. Everyone can read and make their own choices.
Thinking, researching, deciding is loving yourself.
Sprout or no sprout, not really as key as caring and thinking and making empowered health choices.

Ps healthy choices = live alot

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What you are talking about...

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A Mexican standoff is a slang term defined as a stalemate or impasse; a confrontation that neither side can foreseeably win.[1] The term is most often used in lieu of 'stalemate' when the confrontational situation is exceptionally dangerous for all parties involved.[citation needed]
In popular culture, the Mexican standoff is usually portrayed as two or more opponents with guns drawn and ready, creating a tense situation. Neither side is willing to shoot for fear of being shot in return, yet neither side wants to relinquish their weapons for fear that their opponents will shoot them. This situation forces the participants to resolve the situation either by diplomacy, surrender, or a pre-emptive strike. Discussions of the Soviet Union – United States nuclear confrontation during the Cold War frequently used the term, specifically in reference to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.
In financial circles the Mexican Standoff is typically used to connote a situation where one side wants something, like a concession of some sort, and is offering nothing of value, and the other side sees no value in agreeing to any changes so refuses to negotiate. Although both sides can benefit from the change, neither side can agree to a compensation value for agreeing to the change and nothing is accomplished.
This expression came into usage during the last decade of the 19th century; the Cambridge Dictionary makes an unattributed claim that the term is of Australian origin.[2]

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your subsequent post at an earlier point in the thread made eminent sense:

Pete Quotes Australian Government Warning

Pedantically yours,


*Edited to include link to the aforementioned post

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he got 12 punnets the next day for me from his supplier.
he get many requests for anticanceer foods like kale and broc sprouts.

they tasted yummy with supper.

i hope to be growing them soon as my seeds arrive, until then i have added in another anti cancer food.

they are so tasty i decided not to juice them.


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