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Help! What do I do?

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My husband had treatment today. At first, he was all mean and grouchy toward me. Whenever I asked a question, he would turn it into a debate. When we got to the dr.'s office, he was super grouchy, so I sat quietly. He weighed in..seem to have gained 5 pounds. He wears extra clothes,has lots of fluid. I know... I am getting to the point where I hate going to the dr. with him because he turns everything around and is never honest with the dr. If I say something, he gets mad, like I don't know what I heard. To make a long story short...He has started to hurt again-but he lied when the dr. asked. He is on a walker, has severe neurothapy and is on dilaudid, gabepentin and fentanyl...but wants to drive. His leg when out again today, but tonight, he insisted on driving. What frustrates me so is, he acts like nothing is wrong. Help me. He lay in bed last night aching and hurting, but when we get to the dr. he minimized everything. He makes all of these grand plans everyday...I am sooo tired.:( :( Can someone help me understand? Sometimes I just want to scream because of this psychological trip he takes me on. I am so tired of him telling me everything I do wrong. He always wants to "tell me the truth" about myself, but HE hides the truth all the time. I have told him time after time about holding back information from the dr. They can't help if they don't know how you are really feeling. OOOOOHHHHH God help me before I have a mental breakdown. Need your prayers.

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Drugs change everything. My mother will tell everyone who can hear how she knows better than to drive when she's on morphine. Then she gets comfy from her pain pills and gets in the car and drives. Hope nobody gets hurt!

Your husband is on a lot of drugs, so try to remind yourself that it's the drugs talking most of the time. You will get through this.

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Hi Jackie,

I posted this as a topic on the cargivers board.
Hopefully it will help.

Sorry you're having to go so much grief.



"When Your Loved One Isn't Very Loveable"


When Your Loved One Isn't Very Loveable

National Family Caregivers Association:


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I enjoyed reading it, and I believe it will help. thank you.

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