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Help me keep positive over the recent news on my fathers melanoma

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Please help me! I don't really have anyone to talk to that knows what I am going through . My dad is 800 miles from me and I got news today that his melanoma has spread to his brain! I need to keep positive but all I keep finding is bad things about it. Have others survived this? First was a baseball size mass 4 years ago. Then cancer free. Then about spring 2011 it came back in his lungs and around his heart. Since his last visit to the C T C last month my step mom rushed him to the hospital today and they did a ct with results that the cancer has spread to his brain. I need HOPE! They are trying to shrink the cancer with meds. He is in ICU. Please, is there anyone who can give me hope! I can't loose my dad! He hasn't got a grandchild yet, I need to know that he will be able to hold a grand baby one day!

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I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. To answer your question, yes, there are people who survive this, but not as many as we would like. Did he have a treatment when it was found in his lungs? There are several treatment options out there for both lung and brain mets.

If you would like more info on treatment options, I would suggest visiting the Melanoma Resources Foundation webpage at www.melanoma.org. They have a "bulletin" board where you can post questions regarding treatments. I'm sure you will get alot of info there.

Best of luck to your dad.

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Hi, i am sorry to hear about that. The best way is to cure as soon as possible. - lower left abdominal pain | pain in lower right abdomen | sinus infection symptoms

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I am so sorry to hear about your dad's news. People can survive this but it takes lots of strength and positivity. I would be sending up lots of prayers to God to ask for healing and comfort during this tough time. Stay positive.

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