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Peritoneum nodules and radiation

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Hi all: I wonder if any one has had radiation applied to cancerous peritoneum nodules? I only have 5 or 6 little nodules and to me it makes sense that targetted radiation to them could work. My oncologist muttered something about the liver blah blah blah but to me it seems that as long as the nodules aren't on the liver (in my case they aren't), the radiation could be directed around the liver not through it. I know nothing about radiation as I've never had it. Seems to be a better option than chemo or surgery.

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Hi Cheryl,

what you say sounds logical but I've not had that experience. Sorry I can't add more to this. I wonder, if no-one on this board has had experience of radiation (and I must say that I don't remembe anyone mentioning it) maybe looking at one of the other boardss might be a help.

Hope so.

((((( )))))


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Hi Westie66,

Are you able to find out the option for resecting peritoneum nodules.

My mother is also having peritoneum nodules and she doesnt qualify HIPEC therapy, so I was also seeking the answers.



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Westie66 hasn't been on the board for over two years.  (I clicked on her screen name in the blue box and it tells you when they were last on)  I am sorry, it can be quiet and I can't offer you any help.  

I hope you can find some answers, that, or someone who can chat with you.

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Why does she not qualify for HIPEC?  Did your mother have the raditation for the nodules?

Please advise,



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Hello again Christine,

 In scanning the topics discussed on this link, I see that you asked about HIPEC and radiation.  When I had my Cytoreductive Surgery, (2013) the “heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy” was an option, but my surgeon decided not to give me that.  I fully expected that I would probably be given that treatment at the end of my surgery.  Just get a mental picture of a “hot tub bath”.  After the surgery is complete, a good dose of chemotherapy is administered within the abdomen, and after a time it is flushed out.  Now that’s just my way of saying what happens.

 But as for targeted radiation.  In 2014, I did have targeted radiation to 3 nodules that were on the Caudate lobe of my liver. It was not “in” the liver itself but a “next-door neighbor” if you will.  Anyhow A CT scan was performed, “gold seeds” were implanted around the 3 cancerous nodules.  Another CT scan was performed a week later to be sure they were in place.  After that, a computerized workup was done just for my particular cancerous nodules.  I then had 3 separate “radiation treatments” aimed directly at those tumors.  All I did was lie flat on a table, and the big machine revolved its way around, up and down, from different angles.  I never “felt any kind of sensations”.  And thank the Lord, the radiation was totally effective in killing those tumors.  I never “felt” any side effects.  The machine is called “Cyberknife”. 

 So maybe this distinction will help to answer your question.


1.  http://www.cancercenter.com/video/treatments-technology/chemo-intraperitoneal/

 A short video describing Intraperitoneal treatments

2.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cc-8LZgyjeI

 This is a very instructive video well worth watching.  It’s 19 minutes in length. 

 Heated Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy: What, When, Who, Why, and Where?


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Sadly, she has died.  She was an awfully nice lady.

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