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5 Years!

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Wow, it's been 5 years since I was diagnosed with stage II rectal cancer. I can't believe it. Treatments, surgery, Treatments, ileostomy, some more surgery, recovery....seems sooo long ago.

I reflect back and realize that I'm a survivor, a lucky one. I realize that this discussion place helped me through many dark nights and that others are still facing this beast. Please know that it can be beat.

Five years ago - so much changed in my life. As you all well know, nothing is ever the same.

What I've learned since...
is that TODAY matters, not yesterday or tomorrow.
is that those i LOVE matter, not things
is that to be a SURVIVOR, is special and no one can take that away (and those who have not faced the beast will ever understand)
is that i have a deep COMPASSION for others now, which escaped me before
This LIFE is the one that matters, Live this day, Love much, Laugh Often (even at yourself)...

5 years...Wow...it's been so long.

Be well my friends.

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I really like what you had to say...that today is what matters. There are those days that seem like they will never end with all the pain but somehow a good one comes along. Thanks.

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Thanks for sharing Funnyguy thats awesome.......It's good to see survivors coming back to give hope. Congrats on 5 years!! Tom

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Way too often it takes a situation like yours, or what many of us have had, in order to realize what you've come to realize.
Even then, some still don't get it.
Thanks for checking in (and not checking out!)

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Very well. They are such true points. It is said that most people won't evan get half of what you are saying unless they face cancer to wake them up. It took cancer to wake me up and believe it or not it took a recurrence to wake me up again.



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Thanks for posting! I too was dx with rectal cancer, Stage 3, in 2009, and had all the trtmts you had. In Oct. 2011, my onc said I was NED :)
Question for you: The radiation really did a number on my bum, and even now from time to time I experience severe pain. Does this get any better with time, or is it something to live with?

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Congratulations. This board likes to hear success stories like that.


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Great words funnyguy. Thanks for sharing.


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Congrats to you, 5 years is an amazing accomplishment, you have a lot to be proud of.

It is such a journey and it is good that you have taken the best out of this situation and applied those things to your life

I raise my glass to you!

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I love hearing survival stories!

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Joined: Jan 2007

Thanks everyone for the kind words of encouragement!!!

What strikes me about this crazy disease is the apparent rising number of "younger" people diagnosed. I was 38 at the time and I noticed many here that are in the same range - give or take a few years.

What's the deal with that? Doesn't this disease realize that insurance companies don't begin to recognize the potential problem until age 50???? Someone is not playing fair???

Is it the disease? the insurance companies? or Both???

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Kenny H.
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Congrats on 5 yrs. Do you still have to get scans? and does the numbness in feet/hands ever go away?
Had last round of chemo in april and still habe nueropathy in hands and feet.

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For me, the last scan I had was earlier this year and there are no plans for any in the next year. Following up now with scopes & blood tests is the plan now. Not sure how I feel about not having a scan. There was always something reassuring about getting the results. I can say that the docs would not hesitate with another scan should any symptoms appear.

As far as neuropathy...haven't had an issue in awhile..maybe 2 years...but still very sensitive to cold temperatures..more lasting effects from radiation...skin is very sensitive and easily breaks down...

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