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Tired but home.....

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Hello friends...I am out of the hospital, still nutrepennic, but home. I have blood work to be done on Wednesday and if my white cells are up I can start seeing friends and things. Wow, this cancer thing brings something new nearly every day. Reading comments on this blog help me to understand that this is a newish cancer and every one is learning. I did not expect all those blisters to appear on my trip home.....did not expect infection, blood transfusions etc., but came on here and I am certainly not the only one or the one having hard time. (I will, however, retain the right to whine when I feel the need). Everyone have a happy Halloween !!

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Welcome home!

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I too thought that after treatment was over, that would be it - in a couple of weeks I'd be back to work and go on as before. Not so fast, my body said!

Take care, rest, and try to eat.

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I will be the first to admit that I did not get through this horrendous treatment without way more than whining. Sometimes it is just what it takes to relieve the pent up emotions and tension. I am not encouraging being mean (especially to your caregivers) but whining, crying, borderline hysteria, whatever it takes to get through it is acceptable in my book!
Bravery is not mandatory! Try to put yourself first and above all be kind to yourself. As Rose said, be sure to rest whenever you feel the need, eat and most important, DRINK. Fluids are so important. Don't fret about what you don't feel like doing and know that better days are ahead.

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No fretting....I feel so much better now! Still a ways to go and a lot of prayers to say but on my way to healing! Lorie

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I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better. I really think that being home is key in the recovery process, surrounded by your family, friends and pets. Please keep us posted on how things are going.

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Glad you are home! One day at a time. Praying that you will feel stronger soon.

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Hi Lori!
So happy to hear you're back home...with family, friends, & pets. Just keep resting & taking the time to heal. And its perfectly ok to whine sometimes...we all have that right with what we've been thru (or are going thru)!

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