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Simply sharing: First celebration of Halloween in a couple of yrs

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Most, if not all, of the people on this board have been to hell and back and can relate to missing holidays and other important dates because of cancer.
I am getting ready to celebrate Halloween with my family for the first time in years. When I had cancer--and didn't know it yet--I opted out of trick or treating in 2008 because I had no energy to pull the wagon with my then 3-year-old girls. In October 2009, after diagnosis, I had an ileostomy put in, then Oct. 2010, had it reversed.
So-------------this year I get to take my twins trick or treating and I am stoked!
Happy Halloween to all of you out there.
Your friend in California~

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this is my first chance to really celebrate Halloween in a few years as well. Got dx in October '09, then had a bigtime reoccurance in Oct.'10, so fall fun was in short supply for awhile there. This year I'm doing better and it's been wonderful to spend time with my son getting ready for the holiday, and am looking forward to trick or treating tonight. I hope you and your kids (who must be about the same age as my son-he's 7) have a blast tonight! And since you're in CA, you hopefully won't have to worry about rain like we do here in Seattle. Ann

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my husband from giving out candy to the trick or treaters! He is not having the best day today but seeing the kids all decked out in their costumes is putting a smile on his face!

Happy Halloween to everyone!


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We went over to our daughters house to see the trick or treaters (we don't get any at our house) and it was cute. Hope you all enjoy every minute of it with your children and/or grandchildren.


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Hope you and your girls had a great time trick or treating. No little kids left in our old neighborhhood at all, so I don't even buy candy. When my kids were younger, we would go to the nearby park for a big celebration. It was fun to see all the costumes the creative moms had put together and all the cute little kids. I'm afraid I celebrated by accidentally leaving my $200 digital camera in the console of my rental car I had for the day while I forked out $400 for truck repairs. Guess the gremlins got me after all!!!



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Glad to hear you're enjoying feeling well this year and that you were able to take your twins trick or treating. :)
I'm the opposite this year- even though my two youngest are older (15 and 11), they still wanted to go trick or treating w/ their friends. Since we don't live in a neighborhood, my husband took them to a nearby neighborhood to trick or treat with their friends. I stayed home watching TV in the dark with a darkened front porch (no one rang the doorbell).
That's okay though cause I'm recuperating & didn't mind not going anywhere or doing anything- didn't have the energy anyway.

You take care!!!


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i had a good trick or treat as well downunder with my kids.
did we goto hell and back. mine was a short visit, but yes you are right.
its great to have a life again.
enjoy your kids, they sound great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I so understand! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and when i was going through everything (three seasons), i was unable to participate in ANYTHING having to do with separating myself from a bathroom. Now, for the last two Halloween's, i can't be stopped! I go to the haunted houses, the amusement parks, the parties, AND...I dress-up, decorate the house, and scare the HELL out of the trick-or-treaters! My costume was elaborate this year (friends on facebook can see it later today). I know how you feel, and i'm so glad you're back in the land of the living. It's wonderful to be alive!


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