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Hi! New to site not new to anal cancer

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I looked for a site like this back when I was diagnosed in 11/2005. I've kind of went it alone since our cancer is so rare there wasn't much info available at that time. When I was diagnosed I was pregnant and assumed the pain was hemorhoids. My baby didn't survive, but the weight of him growing inside me made my tumor start hurting me. He was a little angel sent to save my life! It has been a long hard journey for me. I was stage IIIB and very agressive. After six weeks of radiation and two rounds of chemo I was told all would be well in 3-6 months. One week after being home from treatment I was hospitalized for a severe infection. The radiation got rid of the tumor, but left a big hole in me. My cancer was also in the surrounding tissues & lymph nodes. After about 3 months of in & out of the hospital my surgeon found a rectal vaginal fistula. For some reason my body did not respond well to the radiation and just would not heal properly. I had over 25 surgeries to repair fistulas and even went to the Mayo Clinic seeking help. Once the surgeons even tried taking healthy muscle tissue from my thigh and grafting it into my vaginal area in hopes that it would have a better blood supply and allow me to heal. This was a complete failure, what I thought would be a 2inch incision on my thigh wound up being the entire length of my thigh. About 4 weeks after the surgery this huge scar split open and I had to have a wound vac on for 8 months to repair my thigh. My treatment also destroyed my thyroid and left me with early onset arthritis in every joint in my body. I now have my second colostomy which is permanent because the only solution was to remove half of my large colon and rectum. They also rebuilt my vaginal wall. Even after everything I've been through I am very grateful for my second chance at life! I survived! It is hard to talk to other people about anal cancer because of the sensitivity of all the issues that go along with it. I thank all of you and really do enjoy reading your posts! To anyone new to anal cancer don't worry, not everyone has all the trouble I've experienced. I was blessed in numerous ways and have an absolutely wonderful fiancee that has stuck by my side throughout all of it. My kids were teenagers at the time and boy did they grow up fast, bless their hearts they helped me so much. After my last surgery I was so weak that to do dishes I had to sit in a chair, now I keep a clean house and am attending college. I want to become a social worker and help people the way I was helped. I want to pay it forward! Thanks for reading this and being there!

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Thanks so much for coming out, I also lurked for a long time. Your story is very inspirational and shows we can really overcome anything with a strong and healthy spirit.

Your spirit is truly beautiful.

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Your story brought tears to my eyes.

God bless you - you've been through so much yet your attitude is so very positive. You're able to see your blessings despite what you've gone through. That is a precious gift.

Welcome, welcome - welcome to the group.

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God bless you. Thank you for sharing and we're here for you. You are an inspiration to me and for me ... what a survivor you are!! And thriving too!!! Hang in there .... sending you love. I'm so very sorry for you that you lost your child ... yes, an angel sent to save your life. xoxoxo big warm hug.

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Thank you for replying so quickly. I can't explain in words how good it feels not to be alone! I hope I am posting this correctly. New to the site and trying to figure it out! Ha!

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Wow, Dee, and hello! You have been through so very much. I wish I could just reach out and give you a big hug. Your heart is just awesome.

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Hi, Dee

My story is very similar, except that I've just been diagnosed with anal cancer. i've drawn so much strength and optimism from everyone in this group. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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Thank you for sharing your story, as it's truly inspirational to me. You certainly have been through a lot, but obviously have lots of fight in you. I admire your strength and courage. May God bless!

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Dee ~ I am always humbled and inspired by stories such as yours. Thank you for sharing. It means a lot. I hope all of us know what fighters we are when we need to be.


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Dee ~ I am always humbled and inspired by stories such as yours. Thank you for sharing. It means a lot. I hope all of us know what fighters we are when we need to be.


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Dee ~ I am always humbled and inspired by stories such as yours. Thank you for sharing. It means a lot. I hope all of us know what fighters we are when we need to be.


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Thank you for sharing your story.So sorry for all you have been thru .

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so sorry for your tremendous loss. what a wonderful spirit, heart and soul that you have. you are among friends. even tho we all have different stories, we all understand how hard this cancer is to deal with during tx and after. love to you sephie

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What a challenging journey you have faced. You are an inspiration to us all.

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Your story is all at once sad, happy and wonderful. I am so sorry about the baby. I lost a child and know how hard that is. What an inspiration you are to others. It is also great to hear that your primary relationship has stuck by you. I have no doubt he has received as much as he have given by being a witness to your remarkable strength and courage. So glad you have joined us.
Many blessings,

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