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This is kind of off topic a little but, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Halloween. I figure we have had more fear and pain in our lives than most people will ever face. Last year at this time I was finishing tx. I was so sick I missed Halloween, no pumpkins. Tomorrow I go in for a CT to see if the lump in my groin area is the cancer back, I had 2 lymph nodes involved. Well I ain't afraid of no ghost, or a CT, so I will get up in the morning and face yet another fear, kick it in the behind and go forward form there. Happy Halloween from the pumpkin Queen.

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Good luck tomorrow - I hope everything turns out ok.

I finished treatment on Halloween too, in 2008. I wasn't able to do the door thing, but I left a basket of candy outside for all the little ghosts and goblins. My wedding anniversary is Oct 30 (Today!), we bought our condo in October, and I finished cancer treatments in October - October is a happy month for us.

I hope it will be for you too - best of luck tomorrow!

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Happy anniversary rose,

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Congratulations on reaching the 1-year post-treatment mark and I wish you all the best with your CT scan tomorrow. I hope there are no concerns about recurrence based upon the CT results. Please let us know what you find out.

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Happy Halloween to you as well!! I agree...we need alittle something to help take our minds off what we are going (or have gone) thru.
I'll keep you in my prayers that the cancer stays away....& it won't be a 'scary' day (so to speak!).

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I hope all comes out well. Lymph nodes in the groin act up for other reasons besides cancer. When I was going through all my pre-treatment tests my lymph nodes went balistic. Swollen, painful. Docs were convinced it had spread there. But tests showed it had not. I think my lymph nodes were reacting to all the foriegn "invasions" - probes, scopes and whatever else they did.

Waiting to hear your news.

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I am so glad u said that, because mine certainly give me trouble too.

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Happy Halloween right back to you. Let us know how your CT goes. My guess is that all is well.


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No word from my Dr. yet. I think the waiting is the worst. Two lymph nodes in my groin had cancer and were seriously radiated. I think my Doc is considering taking them out as they keep getting blocked up and infected. Thinking positive thoughts and practicing patience.

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