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thyrogen required?

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Is it required that you take Thyrogen before you start your RAI treatments? I looked it up on my insurance website and it is not covered and they estimate that it is $2045.00 per shot. Can you "get ready" for RAI without it?

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Yes, I did not take thyrogen before RAI. You just have to go off your thyroid meds to go hypo. That takes longer to get hypo (depending upon whether you are taking Cytomel or Synthroid), and also involves a longer time to get back to the TSH your doctor will want you to have. But it is definitely workable.

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from what I have read the Thyrogen does not work as well as doing the T3 for 6 weeks.. I am willing to go thru the side effects of not having the meds. I am going to do everything I can to make sure what I do will work the best. I want to make sure the cancer is gone and that I have done everything possible to help it along..

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Hi Stacie,

I really didn't have a choice since Thyrogen wasn't available and I'm right there with you-I wanted to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE and in my control to do it right.

I was on cytomel from 8/23 (after TT) until 9/23. I also started LID on 9/23. Had RAI on 10/13 and Whole Body Scan(WBS) on 10/20. My doc told me to be off meds and remain on LID until after WBS.

I hated how I felt on cytomel so I was glad to be off of it-felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster. Once it stopped it, I felt pretty good for a few days and then the fatigue set in-had some muscle/joint aches towards the end but the what I found to be the most frustrating was the "forgetfulness" LOL What else can you do but laugh. All kidding aside, it was bearable. My TSH before the RAI was 63 (I was told it needed to be at least 30). I followed the LID and never cheated.

Like you...this was my one shot to get it all and I wanted to do things right. I did cry when my endo told me to stay off meds and remain on the LID until after the WBS and I did (but wasn't happy). I started my levothyroxine on 10/21-after a week on it, the fogginess is starting to lift so I'm glad.

Hope this helps.....not sure what I will do next year if/when thyrogen is available and it's time for the WBS.


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