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Linda, Please write

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Dearest Linda: I hardly ever write on the Board, but I read almost everything and you have become a part of my life. I want to follow your journey wherever it takes you. Off course, I am extremely saddened about your latest test results. I cannot begin to imagine how your loving family and most of all your grand daughter feels. Your latest plans will help you to enjoy each day and maintain the joy you always had. I am so happy that you are not in pain just uncomfortable. Again, I would like to follow your journey wherever it takes you. My love and prayers be with you and your family. June

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No matter what your news we can take it; we are with you. You have so long bolstered us that it's time for us to bolster YOU.
No matter what your news is.


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Checkout the ovarian boards for a response from Ms.Linda later today. Thinking this is her new home for posting.


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In no way do I mean to slight the wonderful women on this Board. But I've also been posting on the Ovarian Cancer Board for the past 2 years since I had my 1st recurrence, and I think you'll see that this is also true of most of the women here who have had recurrences. UPSC is treated so much like Overian Cancer (OVC) and really has more in common with OVC than the more common lower-grade uterine cancers. I guess most of us deeper into this journey don't want to unnessarily frighten newbies who may not yet be aware of how different your prognosis is with Grade 1 and Grade 2 cancers than Grade 3 & Grade 4 cancers. Plus the women on the OVC Boards as a community have greater experience on 2nd line chemo drugs, etc. And, sadly for them, we have lost several women in the past 2 years I've also been posting there. So my story now is a familiar one there, sad, but familiar. So, again, I am reaching out to those who have experience with this, for they are more apt to know about my new symptoms.

I didn't really want to be one of the 1st of this community to die. The women communicating the stories of most of the women we've lost here on this board were CAREGIVERS, sharing with us from their perspective. That sharing is helping me tremendously as I try to get my family through this. But my sharing this part of my journey, as the one who is livig and dying it personally, is pretty new to this Board. So I have to decide, do you really need to KNOW how it is at the end so you can be prepared? Or will knowing this keep you awake at night? Isn't it bad enough that we, with cancer, have to face that we are not immortal?? What good can it do to make you face all this, too?

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is a part of this life's journey. I would be honored to learn from you. You mentioned that following other's has helped you learn and not fear so much.

If you are up to posting, I, for one, would like to hear all either on this site of elsewhere (let me know though!!!).

With love and admiration. Mary Ann

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I am honored to follow with you. I wish I could give some experience; I am at the stage where I am tired of surgeries and procedures, I can feel it. I've told my husband to prepare him. I too do not want to discourage the newbies. I remember when I was first diagnosed I asked myself, doesn't anyone survive this cancer? Then with time, I realized yes, they do.

The good thing about the blog is that if we are coping with tears we can stay away a few days. When I can't stand being away from you. I can log on. I will be off now a while while I do this lung pleuradesis. I will be coping with pain with this. After those heavy duty liver treatments I am sure you are tired. I am glad you are taking your pain pills. It ususualy take two days to get pain under control and you must take it regularly. I've always been one that felt I needed to be tough but this time I am taking medication and it gives me more life. Like my daughter says, Mom you are what they make the medication for. How true.

I hope they tap you so you can get some pain relief. I had one tap in the lung and it felt good afterwards.


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Hope all goes well with your plueradesis. I hope you do not have too much pain with it. You have been through so much I can understand you not wanting anything else. Glad to hear you are using pain pills instead of trying to be strong. Praying for peace and comfort for you. In peace and caring.

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Post what you feel comfortable with, Linda. I for one had to face the not being mortal thing when I was first diagnosed. I will read what you post here or on the Ovarian Board. As always I send you my prayers. You are an inspiration.

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As mentioned, please do what makes YOU feel comfortable as time with your family is of highest importance. I'm a realist and know we are born into this world and then we pass. Most of us have seen both sides and we all know with cancer we'll see more death. Crying and laughing are part of life and I know I'm strong to endure and follow both paths,

You've been an inspiration to me and know many others, so any feedback you leave us will be appreciated. I wish you love always and keeping you in my daily prayers...


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At A time I needed love and caring I had two men treat me like dirt and I was just diagnoised with cancer and they knew it.
It was easier for them to focus on the trite stuff.

It hurt me so much and to this day I still hurt because all I did was love both of them. It drove me further into isolation.

I thought about the stupid commnets I made at a most crutial time for you.
I know you love us all.

We love you.

I hope you can forgive me.

You deserve a mirical ( sp) .


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