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liver cancer

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my brother was told he had liver cancer and theres only one thing they can do for him is put him on nexavar ,so how long do you think he can live on this drug please answer my question somebody

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Hello Sally99,
My husband was on Nexavar up until this past August. He started it in January 2010. He did have several procedure in addition to the Nexavar but at one point they had him in criteria for transplant. Sadly he is no longer in criteria and we are searching for any other options. Wondering how many tumors your brother has? There are a few people I have found who have been on the Nexavar for 2 plus years.. I'm sure there are probably more out there too.
Best of luck!

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he will be starting the pills on friday 1 every 12 hours ,how long does it take to work or not work,not sur how many tumors he has just that he cant have a transplant his liver is gone to far .is there anything he can eat to help him out ,right now he dont feeel like eating fish or any meats just fruit and cerals,what is nutrition i been reading on here some people 3 times a day

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