child oligodendroglioma survivors

Hi everyone, I am trying to connect with others who were either diagnosed with an oligodendroglioma when they were a child or are a parent of a child dx with an Oligo. My son was dx at 8yrs old with an Oligodendroglioma BT and was operated on to remove it. I hear so many stories of reoccurence in adults with this but would like to know the chance of reoccurence in children as the Oligo reacts differently in children as opposed to adults. Please email me at [email protected] if you fit into either one of these catergories or post a reply on the discussions board.I would love to hear from anyone about this as pediactric Oligo's are rare and I'm having trouble finding others in my situation little own adult survivors of this from a young age. I look forward to any responses.
Fiona and Brad