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Scene from HE11

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One chemo sick,'roid raging cancer patient(DH) and a menopausal caregiver (me).

Cancer sucks

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Cancer Sucks! Hugs to all having to cope with this DIS-EASE!


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Perfect words for it.

Hang in there - y'all will get through this.


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Agree. I think the steroids were worse for me.
"'roid raging" is a good description.
Then there's the plummet after it wears off - never fun.

Positive thoughts and hugs your way...


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I'm picturing this and thinking perhaps I need to find out where you live. If you are in FL I'm leaving the state till you calm down! LOL

I try to imagine me going through what I've been going through with a chemo sickroid raging DH while menopausal and it kinda scares me. Wasn't that many years ago that I finished it and I remember the hormones so out of control that I could make a raging bull look like a pussycat and vise versa, in a split second. I got through it safely, no drugs, no therapy ..... but my husband still ducks when I open the freezer, stick my head all the way in and say "Oh, ****, who ate all the ice cream?"

You are right....Cancer Sucks and menopause sure doesn't make it any easier!

Hugs and warm wishes for both of you!

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I live AL, but the aftershocks might make it down that far.

For the most part, it hasn't been too terribly bad. I guess the worry and concern for Robert overshadows most everything else. It is nothing compared to what he has to contend with.
Sometimes it just sneaks in, usually at the worst time.

Sure does make life interesting, though! *sigh*

Hugs back


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