Can the Dr Be Wrong?

Has anyone on here dealt with the, "It may be a few days" as a prognosis and it turned out to be a week, month, year???? I'm looking for hope. That is it!


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    Hope and Humor
    If I get your question correctly, you are wondering if a doctor can mis-diagnosis or if he/she can get the date of death wrong. If I read that wrong, I apologize, but that is what I will try to answer her to the best of my knowledge here.

    Unless there is an expiration date stamped on your loved one's forehead (and even if there IS one stamped there), there is no given expiration date.

    In my own experience, my mom had metastasis from an old (20 years) breast cancer in her brain, and three times I was called to fly down to Dallas to tell her goodbye. The first two times she was lounging out back by the pool, awaiting my arrival, the arrival of my family. Only the third time, months after that first call, did I arrive to find her in her end days. Doctors can predict but they don't don't know.

    Humans are amazing creatures who defy the odds time after time. Me? I was told I had as little as 10 months to live, only to be told a few months later that the original diagnosis was incorrect. I am alive virtually four years later. That won't be the case for everyone and I would not want to give false hope, but there are no absolutes.

    Spend whatever time you can with your loved one, express your love and your appreciation for what they have meant for you over the years, and realize that you could die before them, just by walking out your front door and being hit by a bus. Life and death are fickle that way.

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    Hi Beauty

    When my cancer came back for a third time my Oncla man told me all he could offer was more Chemo. But even with that because everything else failed he gave me less then a 5% chance of it working. On the other hand if I did nothing the different would only be a few months. I chose to do nothing and just live as good as I can for as long as I can and I am still here almost 6 years later. It is not that they make a mistake but that our body’s immune system can kick in at anytime and do what God intended it to do keep us healthy.