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Pain before treatment

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I have alot of pain in my lower stomache after my hysterectomy (Oct 11). Right after I really didn't have any but now it is getting worse. Right now I am in the hospital. I am on morphine immediate relief 45mg every 2 hrs and Diloted 1mg every 2 hrs and still really getting worse. The resident ordered a CT yesterday eve. then for some reason cancelled it with no reason. I am in tears because of the pain and I have a high pain tolerance because I have artheritis.
On the right side of my stomache is larger than my left and that is the side that it hurts.
Chemo starts in two weeks. then radiation and so on but I just cannot get any relief from this pain and just wondered if anyone else had any of this experience.


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I'm so sorry that you are in hospital with mysterious pain. Hopefully you know more now - I did have complication of my hysterectomy - I got ileus which is when bowel doesn't work after anesthesia - and had to return to hospital for about a week.

Hopefully they will diagnose the problem and get you proper relief for your pain. You definitely should be given reason for cancelling test.

Prayers are with you, Tracie. Mary Ann

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Sorry you are experiencing these problems. There are a number of possible post- op complications that could be causing your symptoms but you definitely should be given some info as to what the concerns are and what their plan is to find out. I had a number of postop complications but pain was not a notable symptom. I hope you can some answers and a resolution quickly. Let us know how yiu arre doing.

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I had some "normal" pain post-op from hysterectomy. Sounds unknown at this time, but being in the hospital is the best option to find out what's causing this pain.

Keep your head up as it will get better!

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