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Assistance to Cancer patients in Berks Co. PA?

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If anyone could offer knowledge or share experiences, I would be beyond grateful.

My great uncle (who is in his 80s) has stage 4 lung cancer and lives alone. He has received radiation and will not continue chemo. He relies upon my mother (who works FT and lives over an hour away) to assist him with cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. He has a kindly neighbor who is wonderful in providing transportation to doctor visits. He has a visiting nurse for medical reasons, but no one to help him with other necessities of life.

He and my mother have an appointment with a cancer group who will aid him in these tasks, but they won't meet with them until mid-November (and that's just for the first consultation).

Has anyone on these boards know of any societies that offer this type of assistance to cancer patients? My uncle can and will pay, he just needs assistance ASAP.

Also, slightly related, my mom is overwhelmed. Since he was given a short number of months, she wonders if and when is the right time for Hospice. However, he might slightly recover after the affects of the chemo wear off.

Thank you for any advice,


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First let me welcome you to these halls. You have come to the right place. You are not alone and here on the caregiver board you will find a great diverse group of people to help in many different ways. You will hear from others whom may have more to contribute to the topic for you as well.

Hospice can aide in all of these things. Hospice is a free service to all patients with a terminal diagnosis (dx). If your great-uncle has been given a dx of having a terminal condition with no treatment intended for a cure, he is eligible immediately for Hospice. Hospice is not just for the 'end days' (as most think) as we know of cases that have cared for the terminally ill for two or more years. The only requirement that Hospice has is that the patient is not seeking a cure and has been given a dx of terminal disease. They have so many services available that most never utilize simply because they don't call on Hospice until the end of the patient's journey. I am sorry that you are having to reach out in this circumstance, though I am glad you found us. Please feel free to share with us as we are here to help and gain support on many different levels. Also, may be a good idea to have your mother join here just to "vent" and release her frustrations if only to release it.

My husband was dx in June of this year with terminal cancer and we learned immediately that Hospice could help through out the entire journey. They have been a godsend and not only took over his pain management, but they provide their services and medications free of charge regardless of your income level or insurance status. They can also provide medical equipment should he need it. They are even going to bring us an electric lift chair recliner free of charge for my husband. They focus on quality of life instead of quantity. Their only concern is the comfort of the patient. They are angels in every state that I have ever heard of their services. The only way to get them involved is through a referral from his physician. So if he is through with treatment and wishes no more curative treatment, he can now ask his physician to refer him to Hospice immediately and they should be out within days, not weeks. Hope this helps dear. Keep your strength and know we are here for you in any way we can.


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Thank you so much. I think my mom and I had a different idea of the role Hospice can play. We were under the assumption that it was care for the end of days. He is terminally diagnosed and completed his rounds of radiation and will no longer treat the tumors, so he might be eligible for Hospice.

I will pass along your advice to my mother.

Again, thank you :) You all are so kind.


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I live in Berks County - please get me your email address - I will connect you with services as well as help out with your uncle.


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Hi Whitney,

I'm new here and don't know how to send a personal message...

You can email me at Alicatrr2 @ yahoo. com

Thanks for your help :)

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