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Renal Cell Carcenoma Outcome Calculator

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On the website for the Kidney Cancer Associarion under Knowledge there is a Renal Cell Carcenoma Outcome Calculator. You plug in your information, hit the disclaimer icon and they give you the mean and median years you have left and the chance that your death will be from Cancer. I pluged in my numbers and age when I was diagnosed 9 years ago at age 59 and it said my mean life span would be 4 years less than if I did not have the Cancer. I pluged in my current age and the fact that I survived 9 years and it said my mean lifespan was 2 years longer than those without cancer. For this reason I take these numbers with a grain of salt as there calculations are apparently based upon too small a sample to give those results. I trust that those using this calculation will take them with a grain of salt as they are statistically flawed.

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Sometimes I wonder why they would even have such as thing! Personally, I prefer my crystal ball.

Anna Bery
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My mom was diagnosed in 03/2010 with RCC stage 4 and now after a lot of pain, suffering and endless medical procedures she is in a hospice and has little left to live. So I guess sometimes statistics and calculators are right.

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