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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

Hi from Oz

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Hi guys,
Firstly, a big hello and lots of love from Australia.
My partner and i have a wonderful familiy as a esult of a beautiful surrogate in Ohio...our kids are 3, 5 and 7. So a huge shock to discover that my partner james has stage 4 esophageal cancer. we are in the middle of the first round of treatment. (chemo and radio). I understand the chnaces of survival are very slim. God, am i going to be a single dad at 42?

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Hi Steve and welcome to the site!
So sorry you guys have to be here but you'll find
wonderful, caring, non judgemental and supportive people here.

I read your post on the esophogeal board and see that you
have already been in touch with Michelle and Eric who I was
going to recommend. They are wonderful people.

You as a caregiver may want to to view and post in the caregivers
board as well. Your partner may wish to join separately or use
the same ID as you (as Michelle and Eric do).

Please feel welcome here and free to express yourself,
ask questions, rave, rant, vent, and laugh (yes we do laugh here
on occasion). Attitude and humor are free things you guys can
use in your battle.

Big hairy (well, when it grows back) hugs to you and your family,


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These days having cancer is not as bad as it once was. I had NPC cancer three times and I have no plans of going anywhere except to work and back home again. Hang in there as James is going to need you by his side to help him stay strong all through the treatment.

Wishing you both well

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It's also a great thing that this site is available. I am a stage IV EC person and was diagnosed 18 months ago. At the time of initial dx, my esophagus was completley blocked by the tumor and I was not able to swallow. There was also spread to the liver so surgery was not an option. I have been taking chemo non stop except for a 10 week break last fall and have had radiation. I started with a three drug cocktail of Cistplatin, 5FU and Epirubcin. These drugs and the radiation got rid of the tumor and I was able to eat for about 10 months. I went on a maintenance dose of Xeloda for about 10 months and did fine until this past June when another mass was found in my esophagus and a spot had retuned to the liver. I am now on my 5th drug, Taxotere and moving along. I'm not going to lie to you, I do have lots of fatigue and other mild side effects that are to be expected. I still live alone with my partner here about 10 days a month. He works out of state. When he is here he catches up with all the things I haven't felt like doing. Some of the chemo drugs make you feel crappier than others and some can really mess with your blood counts. Taxotere has done a number on my white count and I have been in the hospital twice over the past month. We seem to have a handle on things now so hopefully I can be dealt with at home. Hang in there and don't let yourself or James worry about next week. It doesn't work. You have to learn to live one day at the time and get as much goodie out of that day as you can so when a bad day comes you can simply remember. Sam

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You really sound like a very strong person, you been through a lot already and still you are willing to fight the rest of the way and help someone else too.

Wishing you well

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