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Fatigue explaination

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Okaaay...here's the reason for my fatigue

Fever started going up Thursday....was admitted to hospital...(at home, yikes)...needed two units of blood and am on day five of introveinious antibiotics. From a UTI no less. Doc said I was a walking bundle of infection. Still feel sick...should have stayed in Houston...I guess the two day trip home was harder than I thought....too tired to write more..Lorie

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I was happY to hear from you. Rest up. You will feel better soon.

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Are you still in the hospital Lori or are you at home now?
I hope you feel better very soon!

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Still in hospital. I feel like I have a very good doctor now as well. She was here late last night, about 9:30, said my blisters are healing, and while my WBC is still really low the red looks looks pretty good. I will probably stay in the hospital a little longer, but who knows....miracles do happen.

On the serious side, I am usually one tough cookie...but this stuff is hard on us. I broke down and cried and wanted to give up. A nurse here in the hospital got down on her knees beside my bed, held my hand and softly talked me through the positives I (we) have in this cancer. The healing steps that will come, and how she will be proud to hold my hand and walk me through any decision or upset caused by the cancer. She talked about family, friends and even future friends whose life is Enriched by each and every one of us. We find angels everywhere we go.

Ok! Who has heard of Nutrepena? I had never heard the word until I WAS the word...

Bless all of you for being here. I wish none of us were here, but helping each other makes it a little more bearable . Lorie

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She sounds like an angel! I'm so glad she was able to be there for you.

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I am so happy you have found an angel.Just know that we are all with you , whereever you are.
love and hugs

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I'm so glad she was there for you Lorie. I was in the hospital, quite sick, for about two months. My family and husband were there every day. After the danger was past, the shock of what had happened set in. I couldn't seem to let go in front of my family and husband - they had been through so much already. A social worker came in to see me and I let go a bucketload of tears and emotions. She was so wonderful. It's like all this stuff was inside me, and I didn't want to load down my family - but she was there to share the load and let me let go. God bless her. Bless you too - hope you feel better real soon.

Edit: Just wanted to add a little clarification - I wasn't in the hospital because of neutropenia (or however it's spelled) - it was something quite different - you won't be in there any where near that long!

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I'm so glad that nurse was there for you. We know that the healing part is anticipated but not easy. Please take care of yourself and listen to your body. As much as we want to jump back to life as we knew it, we can't. One step at a time.
Sending you healing thoughts,

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