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Follow up - biopsy "no malignancy"

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Well ... I had an endoscopy with biopsy a couple weeks ago because I was having on going bleeding and pain... not heavy bleeding like before diagnosis, but on stool.

I'm 8 months out from treatment ... scope was normal and photos looked good! Also, ... biopsy "normal". So happy. Will have my 9 month follow up with PET CT, labs and exam in November as well ...

Wishing you all the same good news!!!

One day at a time ... one follow-up at a time!

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Congrats that is such wonderful news!

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Great News! Yes 1 follow up at a time is right, I try to be present in the moment,but sometimes its hard to be at the exam and scan times. I wish us all continued great news. Lori

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Whew! You can now relax (till next time). :)


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Thank you for sharing your great news--I'm so very happy for you! I think your experience demonstrates the fact that bleeding is not an indication of a recurrence in most instances. We all have probably experienced off and on bleeding after treatment--I know I have many times. Although scary, with time, you will learn not to panic about it.

I'm so glad you got a clean report on the scope and biopsy!

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Thank you for your support! I'm so thankful you are all here ... through good and tough times! xoxoxo

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CONGRATS, So happy for you.

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Great News!

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Another score for the team! Congratulations!

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Fantastic news!!!

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Great news!!! So happy for you.

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