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Surgery number 3 coming up...sigh...

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Well, met with my surgeon today to review my PET scan results. He has to go back in again to try to remove two more nodes. That makes 3 surgeries in a year...4 if you count the biopsy.

Then likely I need to do a 5 week session of radiation.

Anyone else gone through multiple surgeries and radiation?

I want this to just go away....


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Oh no Andree. I am sorry to hear this. Yes, I have had three surgeries and multiple fine needle biopsies (at least 6). I haven't had External Beam Radiation however. I had two rounds of RAI. As of last month I was clear. Last RAI was in February. Blood work and Ultrasound was good. Maybe the third time is the charm? I really hope they get it all and you will be clear forever this time. I forget, did you get tested for the B-RAF mutation gene? With all the recurrence you are having, I would tend to think that you are positive. Keep us posted. You will be in my prayers.

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Hi. thanks for your feedback. I asked about being tested for the BRAF - they dont do it here.(Oman) I am still going to try to push for it - even though it my samples would have to be sent away..and I'd have to pay. I've got some work to do in this country in terms of getting some more up to date diagnostics etc going....

I think part of my problems stem from the fact that no lymph nodes were taken in my TT (well - one was) despite the surgeon seeing others that should have gone. He simply was not skilled enough to do the surgery..

My first RAI was a very small dose - again, I think they misjudged things, and the endo at the time was NOT a good doctor. I had gone to him in January and said - something is wrong! He said it was nothing and I was wasting my time to have a PET scan. That was the scan that revealed the need for the neck dissection.

My current surgeon and endo are good - and they listen to me when we discuss treatments. I think part of my reoccurrance is simply due to the fact IT got a good hold in me...and it will take a bit more to get rid of it.

Will let you know how things go!!

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