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Tomorrow is when I see my Oncologist since my hysterectomy on Oct.11
My husband and I were reasured that the surgery should pretty much take care of the cancer and just to relax. The morning after the surgery the surgeon,and ono both said that of course they took many many samples but the looks of everything looked very promising. So, of course we still worried but not drastically, well she called last Thursday and said well we were wrong and the cancer has spread we are clasifiing it as stage3 and yes it is in the lymph nodes. Then went on to say well we will need to see you to discuss your options (I am on home I.V antibiotics for severe kidney infection) Because you need to have a kidney stone removed and your antibiotics (I have been on for 5 weeks) all this is really going to complicate the decisions you make, how about we see you in a week. Tomarrow is my appt.
I have no idea what questions I should ask or anything. Can some of you kinda give me some pointers?
I am near St.Louis Missouri and am at a big teaching hospital, so most of the doctors I see and talk to are residents! I know eveyone has to learn but I would like mostly ONE doctor to take my case not 100. Sorry so long


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From what I have gathered from my experience, most doctors just don't rush into treatment. It seems that they have gotten a couple of opinions about exactly what you have. You may want to have a second opinion from another location. I know how scarry that it to put off treatment and seek another opinion. But it could be very beneficial to you. If you talk to all of those 100 doctors, you would probably get 100 different opinions. But I would have an independent doctor from another location just to confirm what the Big Hospital has indicated.

At your appointment tomorrow, first they should tell you what they found. They should know the stage and grade. Then they should give you a few treatment options. You do not have to sign anything that day if you want to think about it.

Have you had any scans? Pet, CT, MRI? How did they diagnose you?

My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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with the MRI it was only checking the stomache,kidneys,and liver. This has been the only really test they ran.

I had a biopsy of the lining of my uterine lining. I was diagnosed two days later. With the MRI they found a mass that measured 7.8cm X 15cm in diameter. When in surgery they removed it and turned out to be my right ovary. Yes it was positive. So far with what the surgery there was a tumor that filled 70-75% of my uterus and my rt, ovary and the lymph nodes were cancerous. From what I have been told so far like I said tomarrow will be told more.

Thank you for all thoughts and prayers

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I would guess you need a CT scan or PET scan. Ask for copies (written) of your pathology reports and any scans you have. You can go to medical records to get a copy of them. I would take them with you to see your Doctor. There are pros and cons to seeing residents; often they are very good as they study this cancer. Some people need one doctor to relate to; ask them for one Doctor and if they cannot do that for you then ask them for a recommendation for a good Doctor.

You also need to know what type of uterine cancer you have. They can treat it very well with chemotherapy even though it is in the lymph nodes. You need to know how much of it is in the lymph nodes and this will be in the report. It will be easy to ask questions when you have your report. I don't think giving this information over the phone is very professional and I think you can get a good Doctor neat the teaching hospital that treats you better. Let us know how it goes.

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I'm in ST Louis as well. You can review my history by my posting. I'm a stage 3C, '2009 diagnosis with hysterectomy, chemo/pelvic radiation. NED since post treatments.

If you have interest in name(s) of docs, plse email me personally as happy to discuss further. Can't say I'd be so happy to be directed via a "resident" for something as serious as cancer.


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