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PET results today...

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PET results today... I met with my Oncologist today. He said the PET scan showed 5 active spots - one on each lobe of the liver, one in the pancreas, one near the back....
He said that the next step is to have a Guided Needle Biopsy and get a CEA reading. He said it is probably either Pancreatic Cancer or Colon Cancer which has spread to the other areas. He said nothing will done until the results of the biopsy are back so they can have more info. Bummer!

Lizzy :(

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Oh, dear, I'm sorry you got this news. Just wait till you get the results of biopsy and figure out a plan of attack. Sucks to have to get back into the fight.

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So very sorry for the news. Praying for best possible results with the biopsy and that there is a treatment plan to zap all those spots.


Marie who loves kitties

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I'm hoping for the best and wish you all the strengh to fight whatever is going on.

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Dang...... Sorry to hear that ..... pleasekeep us informed and you know we are all hre for you..always! WE FAMILY! You take care


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Jennie, Jeff, Marie who loves kitties, and SmokeyJoe,

Thank you!


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who wants to hear that crappy news....so so sorry

so now you have to take time to absorb that news.....then wait for biopsy....and then get a plan....try to do it in little chunks Lizzy....I know! so much easier said than done

sending you all best love and energy....


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I know the waiting is difficult. Praying for a good plan of attack.

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Was hoping there was better news, but get the biopsy first and than go for that plan of action. Maybe because they are small they can get them out without too much problem or just minimal treatment. Thinking of you.


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How disappointing (understatement!). I too hope the treatment plan is quick and as easy as possible.
Thinking of you Lizzie~
Your Friend in california

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praying for that!

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Mags, NB, Kim, TommyCat, and Pepe,

Thanks for your prayers,love and support. I truly appreciate it.


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I am so sorry you got this news, I will continue to pray for you, for healing, strength, and some peace of mind.....


Fight for my love
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Dear Lizzy,I have been thinking of you.I don't like the news,but I hope everything can still be taken care of after all the tests done.You are in my prayers as always.Take care.

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...that's the air being let out of my tires:(

Still standing by for a confirmation...I'm still voting NO for pancreas. We don't want that one especially.

Bummer is a good word for it alright. I'm hoping for definitive answers for you and a good recommendation to address these findings from your onc.

I'm sorry that things appeared to have turned, Lizzy. That's what makes cancer so tough is the threat and reality of recurrence. For a good many of us, it's never the first shots that are fired that does the trick. A year or two or three go by, and then it seems we must confront it again.

I don't want this for you anymore than you did for me with my 3rd one, but you still see me doing pretty good, so I'm hopeful for you with that as well.


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I'm so sorry, I hope for the best and will keep you in my thoughts.


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Lizzy, everyone has said it all. I am praying for the best result possible. Thiss really really sucks.

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and am so sad to hear your news. Sending you prayers for the best possible outcome.

Brenda Bricco
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I am so sorry you didn't get better news, I wish you strength and peace.
This is why we have the follow up scans and tests (to know when something shows up), right? I pray that what ever it is, it was found early and you knock the crap out of it. God's blessings to you. :)

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Kenny H.
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Sorry to hear that.
Will be following you, last CT scan showed 6 nodes in lungs (up from 2 last scan)
Getting a PET scan next month to see whats next.
Pisses me off, was doing good.

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Oh,dear. I'm so sorry you got that news! Praying it's not going to be too huge a setback for you.


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Love and prayers to you. Crap, I'm so sorry about that news. I know the docs will have a plan.


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Been thinking about you a lot, sending prayers and hugs your way.

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dear lizzy,

i'd pat that beautiful dog of yours and contemplate treatment options. probably the time to pull out all stops conentional and alternative if thats your cup of tea.

i hope you find some peace of mind nethertheless given this horible news.


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Sending you good thoughts and prayers. Keep fighting...you can get through this!


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Beth, Fight for My Love, Craig, Michele, Judy, Teri, Brenda, Kenny H, Gail, Kathleen, Sonia, Pete & Sara & Tina,

Thanks you guys! I appreciate your comments and support. You all are so special to me and give my spirits a boost! Thanks!

I feel numb but at the same time I feel a sense of peace about the situation. It has put me in a different frame of mind. I am staying busy trying to clean out clutter and give books, etc to charity. I have made some arrangements (just in case needed sooner than later). Everyday I try to make things easier for George. When he gets upset, I fall apart. I am grateful to have this time to do the things I need to do. But I am still holding out for the Biopsy results.

Love and prayers to you all,


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Brooke and I are praying for you, please stay positive (I know how I feel when people tell me that, but it can be done!).
With love,


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Your news just makes me want to run over and give you a hug. Shoot, not news you take with a grain of salt.
Just want you to know, hoping for the absolute best scenario for you.
It's the waiting for the news is sometimes the worst part, well, we're here pacing the floor for you, and I'm pretty sure we're all saying a prayer or two for better news after the biopsy.
And for pete's sake, worry about making things easier for you, think about taking care of yourself at this moment, just a little more then others, okay??? If anyone deserves a bit of pampering, I'm voting for you.
Winter Marie

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sorry to hear this. I am hoping the best for you. And I am holding you in the Light for strength, healing, and hope.

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Aud, Winter Marie, and Kevin,

Thanks for your hugs and prayers. I am starting to get a little more anxious each day but I do have this gut feeling that I know already.

Love, hugs, and prayers back to all of you too!


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Nana b
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Keep fighting, stay strong! Big hug!!

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Thanks, Nana b.

Hug back to you,

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You have many people praying for you. I keep hoping that the PET scan is wrong. They do have a history of many false positives so you never know. I had one years ago that showed hot spots in my neck that turned out to be inflammed lymph nodes. Do something special for yourself right now. I will keep praying for you to have the strength to get through this. Hugs,

lizzydavis's picture
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Teri, I appreciate your email so much. Thank you for your prayers and good wishes.


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