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Doing the Happy Dance because I got FIRED!

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I posted this on the Colo/Rectal Board, but had to share with my fellow caregivers:

This is just a morsel of good news, but I feel like maybe we reached the top of the mountain today and are beginning to roll down. I know, you are all saying, what is she blabbering about?

Surgeons visit today was great. He fired me from packing DH's rear end. I'v packed it twice a day for 119 days, for a total of 238 packs. I know that doesn't sound like much, but I am so very glad that little morsel is over. He also said every thing was very good looking, that he was happy that things will get back to normal. Of course, he corrected himself and said "at least the new normal."

We still have some hurdles to jump and he is still in chemo, but after his visit with onco last week, we feel really good about his progress.

Thanks to all my new friends for seeing me this far along, and I count on you to hold my hand the rest of the way.


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Congrats on being "fired". :-) Glad to hear the progress is good and here's to continued positive progress. We're here for you.


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Oh, I think 238 packs sound like quite a lot. I will stop whining about the day I had to manually disimpact my husband (with his mother downstairs, no less) because the dehydration, pain-killers and anti-nausea drugs had brought on a case of terminal constipation. (He still cringes when I snap my rubber gloves near him.)

Yay for you. You are a real trooper and he is very lucky to have you love him so much.

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I am so happy for you, both for 'getting fired' and for the good news at the onco! Now for the new normal to start! We will be cheering you all the way!

Hugs to you!

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Great news, Deb!

Okay, DrMary's little description ("snap") sent a twinge
right up my spine and I don't have to tell you
where it started :).

So happy for you guys and continued great wishes,


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It felt really weird tonight after his shower. We had such a routine that I keep feeling like I'm forgetting something. What a relief it is when I think about it.

DrMary, I about split a rib when I read what you wrote. Months ago I had to give DH a sepository (sp) through his stoma.............he said that if he ever heard the snap of my glove headed for his tummy again he was running.

I couldn't have gotten this far without you guys supporting me. It means so much. I will be here for you and I know you will be here for me through the rest of our "cancer" journey.


mr steve
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It's never fun to pack wounds, and I only had to do it for a few weeks... Congrats on the emplyment discharge...

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