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Weight Gain

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Wasn't feeling too chipper over the weekend and the Monday Blahs are hitting hard today. Supposed to be working, but my mind is saying "Nope. Don't want to." So I surfed around and randomly typed in searches and came across a web page that hit home.

Julia Grim is a very brave woman who had breast cancer and underwent a total mastectomy and documented it(maybe some of you are very familiar with this site, but I hadn't heard of it). On this particular page she portrays a harsh, but a humorous look at the weight gain she has experienced from her treatments and other health issues.

*Warning - There are a few F-bombs and the pictures may be too graphic for those who are squeamish, but I could really relate to what she is saying.

I hope this will help someone else know that they are not alone and the weight gain isn't as bad as we think (and feel) it is.



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