Confused with my sudden advanced Cancer

I am 52 yrs old, two months ago I found out that I am already in stageIIII of prostate cancer after a boiopsy was operated the results were Gleason 9 and my PSA was at that time 76.
After A CT SCan and Bone Scan it was decided by the doctor that the Cancer has reached the Lymph nodes but not the Bones. My doctor put me on Hormon Treatment only, the first shot was given to me in August and the next one is scheduled to be in the first part of November. I wanted more treatments to control the disease such as Radiation or others, but unfortunately my Doctor didn't reply to my requests yet!

I am extremely confused, Scared and actually don't sleep enough hours as I think of death everynight, my friends asked me to register in this Website and ask for help, I have lots of questions with no answers such as the following Questions:

1. Are the Hormon Shots are enough at this stage or should they be combined with Radiations?

2. Is one shot every month is enough to control the disease.

3. What does the Hormon Shot do exactly? my Doctor said to me and I heard that it stops the feeding of the Cancer cells by the Testosterone.

4. Does this mean that Sex is prohibited during the Hormon treatment stage?

5. The sex desire did not stop, does that mean the Hormon shots are not working ? every time the Sex desire comes to me and I start thinking of Sex, I get scared that this will increase the Testeosterone and thus the cancer cells will go wild again!!!! Is this true ????

6. Do I have to ask for Lymph Nodes Biopsy ??

7. Is the cancer which has spread to the Lymph nodes, is it the same type that has first was born in the Prostate, and does it react to the same Hormon shots ???

8. Do you think that my PSA must be lower after the first Hormon Shot ?

9. What should avoid eating or drinking to help keeping my PSA low ?? that is if my PSA has dropped !!

10. Is Chemotherapy is an option in the future, or is it coming for sure ??

11. How long do you think I will live ?

Thanks to everyone in advance for any reply