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My cancer is Stage 3 endometrial cancer

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I was diagnosed with uterine cancer on July 25th.
October 11th I had my hysterectomy, my husband and I are scarred. I just got the pathology report from the doctor and I have stage 3 endometrial. I am 39 and have no idea what to even ask the doctors at my appt. on Wednesday afternoon. I went to them after I was told I had uterine cancer, and they ran more tests. Before my hysterectomy they also found a mass that was 7.8cm X 15cm and they said they would anyhow when the doctor was taking everything the mass turned out to be my right ovary. I kept being told they got everything and then on Friday like I said the pathology reports said Stage 3 and yes it is in my lymph nodes also. She said we will discuss my options midweek I have never been so scared in my life!
Sorry if I repeat myself or don't make alot of sense.


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I can imagine how scared you are. The word cancer is scary but to have surprises is frightening!!

First off - stage 3 does not mean a death sentence. There are also GRADES of cancer (how aggressive they are). I would recommend the following:
1. Take someone with you to your appointment to take notes and help ask questions.
2. Find a gynecological oncologist if your doc is not already one. I got a second opinion consult at major cancer center before I started treatment.
3. there's no stupid questions, so make and list and ask away
4. find out grade of your cancer and start gathering copies of your records.
5. ask about a tissue assay/functional profile - there's another thread close to here for you to find out more about this.
6. find out what options your doctor suggestions and why and what he/she would recommend. You should be partners in this thing.
7. stay connected here - great support. Keep us posted
8. become educated in your disease
9. do everything to help boost your natural immune system. I recommend the following books to start: O. Carl Simonton's "Getting Well Again" and Dr. Sirvan-Schreiber's "Anti Cancer: A New Way of Life". There are diet and lifestyle changes that will help you in all this.
10. Take heart Tracie. You can do this.

All the best to you. Mary Ann

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Sorry to see another person hearing the diagnosis of "cancer", but know even stage 3 isn't the end of the world.

I was diagnosed '09 with stage 3 and have been NED (no evidence of disease) since my final treatments July '09. As you read thru the various postings on the site, you'll read of many other women who've endured this cancer diagnosis and still enjoying full lives today.

My suggestion follow many of the points listed from Mary Ann. Try to gain much insight from others and read many books...one I'd suggest ANTI CANCER, A NEW WAY OF LIFE, by David Servan-Schreiber, MD. Filled with great information and insight on a cancer diagnosis and how to fight the disease.

One area which helped me get thru the journey, joined a community in my area called CANCER SUPPORT COMMUNITY (might be one in your area), which is a non-for-profit and all therapy and classes are free. To this day I still go to my weekly therapy which gives me strength to help others and myself.

Be strong and ask lots of question to learn more...... We were never given a book on how our life would play out, therefore, we have to be strong and roll with the things which hit our path. Keep smiling as life does get better!!!


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Hi! I remember how afraid I was two years ago when I got my diagnosis of Stage IIIC Grade 2. My teeth chattered from fear. For several weeks I was afraid to sleep. Now 2 yrs later I am have been NED after treatment and feel great. I won't say it was a picnic. Learned to live with the fear that still sometimes comes. Each day is a gift. It helped me to take one day at a time. I am still alive. Actually, I am thriving. Have a new grandbaby, started a new business, and am feeling well. I still have my moments of fear. Each time it seems like I become more adept at dealing with it. I pray a lot. For myself and the others here. It helps me.

The wonderful ladies here have been a great source of information, comfort and support.

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