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not famour but still survivin

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i thought I would share a tiny bit of my onc visit this week.....for newbies i am colon Stage 4 with mets to liver twice and two liver resections and chemo...

I was first diagnosed in 2005 and after first liver mets was given the death sentence. My onc says the fact that I am alive is producing a new vanguard of folks who are survivng....not cured but surviving....

she admitted she did not quite know what to do with me.....constant CT scans over the years .....too much radiation so we agreed to continue with 3 month cea and she is switching to ultrasound of the liver and chest xray every 6 months....if the cea pops up she will resume ct scans....the other protocol produces less radiation.

she has actually been dancing around the government funding to get me oxy and now she is saving avistan....hopefully with health funding when and if I need it.....

so Tara...Craig...Philly..Johnny ..Nana pepe....sorry.....all and all the rest of the stage fours....on this forum

on we gooooooo


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tina dasilva
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Awwwwwww Mags what's going on with you I've been very busy so I haven been on as much hugs tina

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You long term survivors give us more recent members so much hope. Thank you for helping us. Lisa

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While a cure would be fantastic, surviving is pretty darn good! Hope that the new protocol works well for you and gives you a long long break from all the scans.

Now how about next summer putting in a jacuzzi at the cabin in the woods?


Marie who loves kitties

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