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Just wanted to introduce myself

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I'm the primary caregiver to my partner. She was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer Stage 4a with a 6 inch tumor that invaded her bladder which has left her incontenant in March 2011. She finished chemo, radiation and braky by the middle of July. The cancer specialist think they got it all and should be ok but we wont know until the end of November. We are having huge problems with her kidneys now though. She has a block in the right kidney and has a nephrostomy tube in it. The middle of August she went into renal failure and nephrostomy tubes were put into both kidneys. Before the chemo and radiation, they placed a stint in her left kidney but where unable to get one in her right as the cancer was pinching the tube too much. So once her kidneys started to work again they removed the left nephrostomy tube, I guess that was the end of Sept. We are hoping they can now get a stint in the right side so the tubes can be removed. I keep telling there there is a light at the end of all this. We will have a new normal with life and that's ok. We have 5 kids between us ranging from 19 to 7 and I'm also the primary bread winner. So being a fulltime mom, caregiving and working full time has been rather difficult and overwhelming.

Anyways, thanks for letting me share!

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I love your tag, Jenn. We are all swimming in the big pond of emotions, aren't we? Welcome to this site, though I'm sorry for the reasons you are here. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate, but also sounds like you are in as much control as a caregiver can be.

Please come here often to share you woes, vent your emotions or share with us good news to hang on to. We try not to judge, our advise may be limited but we are all more than willing to listen.


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I actually really leaned on this site while we where going through the chemo and radiation. Oh I should also say that I am in Canada :)

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You'll find an ocean of support here.
Sorry you and yours are having to go through all this.
Deb said it well.

Hang in there and hugs,


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