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No way I am going on a journey and take short cuts! Oh no, not me"..

I am now in the hospital, immune system crashed, o2stats were scary low because I did not have enough red blood cells to move the oxygen in my body. I was so weak I needed help to get to the potty and my fever spiked to 102 degrees.

Now, two units of blood later, antibiotics, lots of fluids, and a few hours sleep I can once again get mine own self to the bathroom! Yeah!

I will be in the hospital a few more days and then hopefully start healing again!

Ok, fingers are tired....later, Lorie

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That is just a bummer! Your case just demonstrates how brutal this treatment can be and the toll it takes on our bodies. I'm so sorry you have experienced this, but I'm glad you are doing better and I hope you get out of that hospital real soon! Get caught up on your rest and try not to get used to that hospital food! Hugs!

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I am so sorry you had to go to the hospital, but they will get you back to where you should be and you will continue healing from there. I hope you'll have a speedy recovery to let you get home again. I just wonder if that trip took more out of you than you thought, its a lot to have to do for you to travel that far. I know I would'nt have wanted to do it. I am sending you positive thoughts. Lori

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Sorry your in the hospital,Glad your feeling better.Hope you get out soon .And you can start healing and getting better and better. shirley

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Rest up Lori! Make them wait on you hand and foot (and butt, of course).

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I'm new to the board, but I wanted to say I am sorry you have found yourself in a hospital but very glad to hear that with a little help they've got you back on course and that you are starting to feel better.

I hope you are home soon.

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Sending you healing thoughts and prayers. This is a common problem from this treatment. I was in the hospital a few days also with low counts and fluid around heart and lungs. You'll get through this. So sorry you are having to go through it though.

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So sorry to hear of your rough time....after all you've already been thru. Please get plenty of rest & let others take care of you. You'll get your strength back soon...just don't rush the healing. (like I got room to talk...I hate being still! heehee)
I'll be thinking about you & praying for your healing.

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