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5 years NED/upsc

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Just wanted to check in to say that I was dx with UPSC on my birthday 5 years ago. Scan was clear yesterday. NED. I was one of the first on this board and am still winning the battle. Never give up. Linda my heart and soul I would trade for a miracle for you. Abundant Blessings Peggy

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Dancing with joy on your news and congratulations on your 5 year birthday!


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thanks Peggy - best birthday present for you each year!!. It's so good to hear your story. I gives me hope.

Mary Ann

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So happy you dropped by to give us all the WONDERFUL and JOYFUL NEWS! Gives us all hope that we can endure. HAPPY BIRTHDAY~~

Best to you alway,

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I'm so happy to hear your fantastic news! It certainly gives me hope..........as I'm sitting here recovering from my 5th chemo. I'm pretty new at this and have been looking for survivor stories..........they're hard to find.
Would you mind sharing some of your story.....stage you were diagnosed and treatment protocol?
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a HUGE celebration planned!

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Congratulations! What a great birthday present!! It is gives all of us hope to hear success stories like yours. What stage were you when you were diagnosed?


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It is so good to hear from you. 5 years of NED is wonderful. May you continue to dance with NED for many more years. Hope your husband and daughter are doing well, too. In peace and caring.

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So happy for you 5 years out.

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I could never have gotton through this cancer journey without your experience and support and love! Please know how grateful I am to have had you there during the earliest days of my treatments. I still giggle when I go back to that old old long thread; easily the best resource on the web for a woman newly diagnosed with UPSC. You made it all so less scary. Love you, girl! Give NED a spin around the dance floor for me! ((((Peggy))))

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So very glad for you!!

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Peggy, it so wonderful to hear that you have been 5 years NED!!! What a wonderful birthday present!

I hit my 3 year mark yesterday. Celebrated with my family...



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