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Checkup was today

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I went for my checkup today. Everything seems to be ok except my LDH is high. He wants to keep watching it and I go back in 4 weeks.

Oh and my fingernails are starting to look like are going to fall off. They are cracked horizontally across the nail about 1/2 way down. Right now my thumb nails seem to be the worst and are actually indented. The others it seems like just the very top layer is coming off and the portion closest to the cuticle is a slightly pinker appearance.

Can't say I came away from the appointment feeling secure. I hate having doubt.

Take care,

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I'm so sorry you are disappointed and concerned.
You have been through so much. I did a little research - I know
it's not much.

Try not to worry too much (I know - easier said than done).
I hope the levels will be better next checkup.

Big hugs,


I did some reading on LDH levels and there many things that
cause the levels to be high - including how the blood is handled
in the process.


Many things can affect LDH results that are not necessarily a cause for concern.
For example:

Strenuous exercise can cause temporary elevations in LDH.
Hemolysis of the blood specimen can cause falsely elevated results. This may happen if the specimen is handled roughly, stored in extreme temperatures, or if the sample was difficult to collect.
If your platelet count is increased, serum LDH will be artificially high and not reflective of the LDH actually present.

Treating Cracked Nails:


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Hi Beth!
Thinking of you and hoping you are doing ok. How are you feeling? I don't know much if anything about LDH levels, but it looks like Jim has covered that. I have heard that any kind of trauma to your body will show in your fingernails. And Lord knows you have experienced trauma! There is also a condition called Beau's Lines but like all this medical stuff, don't know if that would apply to you. Have you asked your doctor about it? Hope you have a good day today!

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I checked it out and that's pretty much exactly what some of my nails look like. I cut my nails down a little this morning because I am afraid if I catch one or break it, it'll break off way too low.

I feel pretty good, although I've had a migraine this week and my head is hurting again now. We are getting ready to go to my father in laws's 81st birthday party. Will get to see the kids and have a good time.

I made a Red Velvet cake from scratch to take and it looks so good I don't know if I can keep my hands off till time to eat LOL.

Hope everyone has a great day today!

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Glad you're feeling good today.

The cake sounds good but I guess my favorite is yellow with
dark chocolate frosting, as well as Boston Creme Pie, Chocolate Eclairs,
and Krispy Kreme chocolate covered custard filled :).
See a pattern here ?


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I had the same issue and bought some nail strengthing stuff in a green bottle at Walgreens. It helped a lot. My big toe nails were not so lucky. It looked like a fugus that made half of each nail go bad and a foot doctor removed half the nails (no pain) and in a two months the nails have grown back just fine. Goo luck. and keep your nails trimmed short!

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Hi, Beth,

I understand your fear cropping up - based on my experience, thankfully they go away with time. I have funny looking nails too and notice the changes after chemo. I feel more obsessed with my body because it has many changes!

I recently took a wonderful workshop "Better Health, Less Medicine" by psychiatrist who recommend testings of all sorts so to know what your body needs. Not knowing what I need to take to keep my body in shape, I decided to sign up for all kinds of tests so that I can be prescribed the proper diet and proper pills including vitamins. That appt. will be on Dec. 6th. Looking forward to do that.

Wishing you positive thoughts,

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