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GlennaM - Thoughts & Prayers - Chemo Begins

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Thoughts and Prayers to my Abi-Normal sista from a different mista as another sista from and even different mista says.

Glenna is finally getting the ball rolling today with her frist chemo session in the new War.

Thinking of you Glenna, we are all with you, be strong, stay positive, stay focused, and kick azz.

Love ya...

John N Shelley

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Keeping you in our prayers my sister as you begin the war remember we are all right there by your side.


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Prayers coming your way that you beat this horrible beast. Hope it all goes well for you.

Lots of Love,


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<3 u woman. Hope you are home now, and comfy. Been sending you love and light all day. xoxo

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I have never met anyone with such a beautiful, positive Spirit! You are amazing! My thoughts and prayers are with you, as always! Kick azz Sister! Love you!
Believe! Patty

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D Lewis
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Just keep climbing that mountain. Sending healing thoughts your way.


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I join others in expressing my concern for you, Glenna. You know that you are in my thoughts. Please keep us posted when you can.

Hope and Humor!

Take care,


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Sorry Joe...

I changed it up a little...


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Hi Glenna, thinking of you today. You are a strong person who will again succeed in overturning the beast.

Take care, it will all work out.


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Hi, Glenna. Best wishes and prayers that your chemo treatments are effective and as mild as possible. I am also in chemo right now and I am coping. Fight this thing and get better.


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As I often do. Positive thoughts headed your way!

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Glenna M
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That's all I can say...wow!! All of your responses have brought me to tears so excuse me if I can't type. Everyone's love, thoughts, prayers, mojo and vibes are what keep me going. With this much love there is no way I can not succeed!!!

I'm prepared for this battle, I've got my big girl panties on and my steel toed pointy tipped azz kicking boots on and fully intend to do some serious damage to these tumors again. They won't dare to show up for many, many years.

Some of you have mentioned my strength and attitude, I attribute that all to everyone here who has been through this battle with me in '09 and are here cheering me on again. Without all of you I would not have made it this far, I can remember how scared and ignorant I was when I was first diagnosed 2 years ago. You all took my hand and led me through the worst journey of my life and now you are all here again holding my hand and giving me your strength.

I can never tell you all enough times how much you each mean to me and how much I love all of you!!!

I'm going to make it again and it's because of you that I will succeed. Together we will be victorious!!

John, thank you for starting this post, it made my day to be reminded how much I'm am loved and how many people are here for me.


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Hi Glenna, we're all in your corner. Cancer is going down. Thanks for all your insights, past, present, and future.

best, Hal

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Your positive attitude is an inspiration to all of us. Thinking of you and sending thoughts and prayers. Karen

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All the same it is you that has also contributed so much in helping others through the years. So in respond to the love you have showed others it is natural for love to begat love.

God bless and keep you in his care

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jim and i
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You have been a great help for me. I am praying for a complete win over this second bout and a speedy recovery.


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Always in my thoughts Glenna. Positive energy and mojo headed your way!


Kent Cass
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With you, in hopes and Prayers.



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...being sent your way Glenna. Go girl.

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Wow Glenna there sure are a lot of survivors here who love you and have you in there thoughts or in there prayers all the time. Keep strong and keep fighting girl we are all there with you.


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Glenna M
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Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. It makes me teary eyed to read these responses but it does my heart good, sometimes I need the reminder that I am not in this alone. Knowing you are all here for me keeps me stronger.

Kimba - so nice to see you again. Hope all is going fantastically for both of you.

My love to everyone here!!

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Keep them boots stompin soldier....

Love ya girl....


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Keep the fight and when you feel too weak we will all be strong for you, as the song says lean on me when you are not strong


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