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Scan: good news!

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I've been so worried about a couple of folk on our board (family!) -- but I know we all believe in sharing good news no matter what -- so here's mine:

Two weeks ago I finished 8 cycles of FOLFOXFIRI for multiple bone mets and I'm currently on a chemo break. I had scans yesterday (PET plus MRI bone) -- to evaluate the results of the chemo and also get a baseline for monitoring during the chemo break.

When I walked into my oncologist's office this morning (after, as usual, a somewhat sleepless night) he said "I have nothing but good news for you". (Ain't those sweet words?!).

Basically: no new mets, and all the original ones have other shrunk (and/or reduced uptake on PET) or disappeared. Also, the met I had Cyberknife for (which was kinda close to my spinal cord, therefore of particular concern) is GONE - totally zapped. Hoorah!!

My oncologist reminded me that we are not looking at a "cure" scenario, and I WILL need to go back on chemo at some stage (I'm just in that category). I know that and I accept it. No-one knows when I will need to restart chemo -- that will be determined by regular scans. But, he is now talking about the possibility of 4-6 months, rather than 2-3 months. Yeeha!

I can't stop grinning.

Oh (more good news). Have had very sore feet for what seems like a very long time. Had to give up walking for exercise -- and have been very restricted in footwear, etc. I had finally gotten to the point where I was accepting that "this was it" -- probably not going to improve further -- that was OK. But I seem to have turned the corner -- feet getting better. Tuesday night I went for a 45 minute brisk walk with a friend -- and feet feel fine -- hoorah!

I feel so blessed

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By the way, my oncologist wants me on aspirin during my chemo break. I don't tolerate aspirin well (stomach) but he's put me on a coated one, with something extra for my stomach.....says there is more new evidence of the effectiveness of aspirin -- I haven't seen any studies on this myself recently but I'm certainly willing to give it a try....

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Love reading about good news on our board, so happy for you.

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i am so glad you can manage a walk.

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Tara that is wonderful news, google aspirin and colon cancer, there seems to be great benefit from what I read just recently.

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indeed they are. Congrats, and enjoy your chemo break and walking!

all the best, Leslie

PS I take one regular aspirin/day too on oncologist's suggestion

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Happy for the good news. I am on a 81 small aspirin per day with my calcium and vit.D. Hoping they will help. Along with 30 minutes of exercise minimum per day. Pryers for continued good news.

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Hi Tara,

This is a very good news indeed! When you are free, we can meet up for lunch or afternoon tea!!!!

So so so happy for you!

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Congratulations on your good news and thanks for sharing to give us all a "shot in the arm". Lisa

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That's wonderful news! Glad you can get a break too. Cancer is something we can live with if that's the option out there for you.

very worried husband
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Thanks for sharing.
You are such an inspiration....

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That is great news about the scans and that you have accepted where you are. More and more I hear people refer to colon cancer as a chronic disease and the longer we survive the more options become available. A life of surgeries and chemo is way better than no life.

God blees you all.


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that is so great.i maybe one of those that has to live with cancer im just having a hard time accepting it.thank you for your news it gives me hope....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Great news Tara! Thanks so much for sharing. You are a shining example of living with cancer! I love your attidude, too!


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Wow, Tara

You're really gettin' it done out there - very happy for your success story today, makes me smile.

You have such an indomitable spirit and your attitude is contaigous to say the least. Glad for all of the good news and for a well deserved break. I can't believe you've done the 8 already, seems like you were just getting started as I was finishing up.

Nice story about the feet - a real pain when you can't stand on them, huh? Great turnaround for you. Keep up all the great work!


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for the great news. We needed that! Enjoy your break--I'm sure you will be flying high!

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yay for you and yay for the walk---felt good I bet. Keep shining :)

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Nana b
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Awesome news!

How many mg of aspirin? Was it just the shoes and no walking that got your foot better? Some folks are taking over 300 mg. That is way too much for the liver!!

Very happy for you!!

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Just 100mg. He's got me on something called Cartia -- apparently coated and dissolved in lower intestine not stomach....we'll see....


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I am so happy for you and hope you get a nice long break! You have always been such an inspiration to me and I have read your story over and over again to give me hope that I can live with this disease. Thank you for sharing your good news--it means the world to us and we rejoice with you.


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that is the best news....good for you and little break too.....yay


Fight for my love
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Good for you,Tara.I am so happy for you.

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I'm so joyful for you...I think of you often...and am happy to share in your news!!!!

You are very blessed!
Love JP

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Hi Tara, I'm so very happy for you, that's great news! Keep on smiling! :-)

Hugs, Cyn

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Awesome news!!! You go girl!!!


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Great news Tara! The scan sounds good and it is wonderful that your feet are feeling better.


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What great news!!!! I am soooo happy for you. Enjoy that good news and celebrate

Love, Maureen

PS Keep sharing your good news. Everyone wants to hear good news.

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Well, you're just full of good news! Love it!


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Just thrilled with the news you shared! Thanks


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