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looking for answers

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My mother was dignosed with stage 4 lung cancer april 4-2011 and had fluid around the heart removed april 5-2011. she has had 6 chemo treatments and the doc said she was pleased with everything and that the tumor on her lung has shrunk. The cancer is not able to be removed due the fact it went into her lympnodes and i am very scared for her and i was wondering/hoping that there was someone that would be able to help me understand this and get a handle on the life expectincey and what she should look for as she is scared as well and some of the doc's in our area are not the most informative. Thank you so much for any help that might be offered.

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Glenna M
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I'm sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis but want to assure you it is not an automatic death sentence.

I am on my second round of treatment in 2 years for lung cancer, I was fortunate enough that it was put into remission for two years. Mine was also inoperable because of the location of the tumor so I was treated with radiation and chemo, this time I am receiving just chemo.

No one, not even your doctors can tell you how long your mother has, if they give you a time frame it is based on information that is so outdated. There are many long term stage 4 survivors, some of them still post here occasionally on CSN.

If you do not feel that you are getting the information you need from her doctors it is your right to demand this information. If you are still uncomfortable then you should get a second opinion. You and your mother, especially your mother, should feel comfortable with and have confidence in their team of doctors.

I hope I have helped you in someway, if you have more specific questions please just ask. If I can help you I will. If not then I'm sure someone else will be able to.

Stay strong,

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