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Herman Cain - Stage IV survivor

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Hi all, I thought I'd share this CNN post since it's such a positive article for Stage IV colon cancer patients. All my best, Cyn


Herman Cain took some hits in Tuesday's CNN Republican presidential debate, but so far the biggest opponent he has ever faced appears to be cancer – a battle he says he has won. In 2006, the former Godfather's Pizza CEO says, he was given a 30% chance of survival against his stage 4 colon cancer.

It started when Cain experienced discomfort in his lower belly, according to a letter written earlier this year by one of his physicians, Dr. Martin York of Peachtree Hematology-Oncology Consultants in Atlanta. The results of his colonoscopy showed stage 4 colon cancer that had spread to his liver. According to York's letter, Cain was treated in Atlanta with four cycles of chemotherapy before he underwent surgery to remove the cancer from his liver and colon at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

The liver is one of the most common organs for colon cancer to spread to, says Dr. Cathy Eng, one of Cain's doctors at M. D. Anderson. Following Cain's surgery, he received six more cycles of chemotherapy, finishing his treatment in January of 2007, according to Cain's book "This is Herman Cain." Now more than five years later, his doctor says he's still cancer free.

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Yes this actually was brought up in the last debate and they talked about it. I'd known about this before the debates though. Glad that he is cancer free. Wish he would speak more about it though, but I'm sure that's far from his mind, he's got bigger things to think about.


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From what i've read, he first had 3 months of chemo, then surgery (90% of his colon removed, and 70% of his liver), then 3 more months of chemo. Pretty smooth treatment, i would say. Happy for him.

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Just do a Google for:

Herman Cain +medicare
Herman Cain +social security
Herman Cain +medicaid

and see all the wonderful stuff this wonderful person proposes!

However, I am happy that he's doing well with his health.

Best of health to all!


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