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Fatigue, capital F

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How long after treatment before anyone felt like getting dressed, or any thing else? I know I arm only 4 days out of treatment, but curious.

I overheard it being said that I look sooo sick. That I must have lost 45 pounds and my face was very pale.and i move like an old lady and they were scared for me! I lost 20 pounds (still have plenty to spare). Haven't been in thesun for months so yes I am pale, I move like an old lady because my butt is blistered, and most of all I have been fighting cancer!!

No one else is coming over til I feel like doing my hair and getting dressed. SOTHERE!

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You just take one sweet day at a time, honey. I came home in mid January of this year and remember not wanting to come out until we had some warm sunlight. The February sun offered a little warmth and I would gather my quilts on the back deck at home and bask in the mid-day sun.

After the second week home I began making myself get dressed and made myself presentable, mostly for my kids' sakes but it did help my spirits. My first outing was at the local rodeo in late February, a big damn deal in this town, and quite the social occasion. (7th largest rodeo in the nation.) That was 6 weeks after my homecoming and I remember feeling much stronger and looking better, although we called it an early night at the rodeo's 'Buffalo Social Club.'

You are on your own time-table, not anyone elses. You have fought a tremendous battle physically and emotionally. I say do what you want when you want. But if you find yourself still in your stale PJ's six months from now, you may want to shoot me a line . . .:)

love to you,

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I juSt love you guys! One week out of treatment tomorrow and I took a nice long shower and just put on my hubbies sweats so at least I don' stink!
Lucky family!

Listened to you and took a comfy pillow, a blanket and tea out on the pergola around eleven am, smelled the cool mountain breezes and slept off and on. Felt wonderful. If I am still in my pj's in 6 months I definitely will send out for help. Lorie

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Everyone has their own pace in recovery. Like Angela says, take your time if that's what you need. There's no reason to put pressure on yourself right now. Just listen to your body and do what you can do. I remember my first trip to the grocery store after treatment--I was probably out for about 2 weeks. I really had to talk myself into it. I didn't want to go, afraid I'd have an accident or run into someone I knew who was unaware of my cancer diagnosis. Once I made that first outing and realized I could do it, I wasn't so fearful. You will know when it's time to get back into the stream of life. Until then, just rest up, regain your strength, and focus on healing. I wish you all the best!

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Hi, Take your time and rest when your body says so. I had to go back to work after 1 month post treatment. I walked very slow and took my time. It took a good 6 months to get my stamina back. I lost about 20 lbs and like you said I had some to spare, and unfortunately, I have gained it back and then some, and I must lose it. I wish you well, and be good to yourself and who cares what other people think, is my motto, I know easier said than done. Lori

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Listen to your body and give yourself permission to heal. I am three months out of treatment and feeling stronger each day. ~Carol

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I actually felt better after having a visitor if they were coming to see me to help me feel better. I didn't worry about getting dressed for them. In my opinion the best thing about having cancer and cancer treatments is that it gives you an excuse to lounge in your pajamas all day. Are your blood counts low? Mine got so low I had to spend time in the hospital. It's quite common. You are so early in this healing thing still. It was three weeks for me before I felt human again after my last treatment. I am 61 though which may play into things. I still did Tai Chi whenever I could without getting too dizzy. It helps to move yourself around thoughtfully. I was doing Tai Chi as part of pain management before my diagnosis. Some of us do Yoga and Pilates. But listen and obey your body. The body has to sleep alot to heal. I can't believe I slept so much as now I can't hardly sleep at all. If it's not one thing, it's another!

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You deserve to relax & take it easy after all you've been thru. Day by day you'll start feeling stronger. I have different fun pajama pants & tshirts I wear coz it helps me feel somewhat better. I also wear scarfs or hats on lazy days. I don't worry what others think...its how I feel about me that matters!!
The 1st time dealing with cancer, it took me about a week after treatments to venture outside or feel like having visitors. My hubby gave me space & time as did our kids. Those closest to you will understand & support you.
Yes your body has been thru alot so it'll take time to heal. I'm keeping you in my prayers....take a deep breath & please just take care of yourself.

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I,t will take a few weeks to even feel like going out anywere.you need rest and sleep you have been thru a lot .I know i didnt go any were for about 3 weeks .My Son took me to get my hair cut it looked so bad .That made me feel better.My husband got me a new outfit because ever thing i had was to big .So that really helped me.I gave myself a new look lol.Just wear your pjs and get some rest. shirley

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Take it as it comes ... I was so tired at the end of treatment that by 5pm each night I was heading for bed in my PJs. It took about 2 weeks for the acute burns to start to heal and not "weap". Its been 8 months for me ... and now I feel about normal. My anal canal only just healed! I will start running again soon. Take your time .... don't push your self too hard or you'll have a set back. It was 2 steps forward 1 step back for me.

Hang in there ... I was quite emotionally labile as well. xoxoxo

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7243's experience seems to be similar to mine, although I am only 2 months post last treatment. I am very impatient with this healing process. But fatigue for me = pain. So take it easy.
All the best,

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