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MMMT survivors

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Hi to June, Jan and all the other MMMT ladies
Just wanted to check in with you. I had a check-up today with my surgeon and all seems to be fine. It was just a physical exam - they don't believe in routine scans at UCLH - but I feel reassured. Just fyi I was stage Ia and had TAH/BSO in November 2010 with removal of several lymph nodes and washings - all negative. I had six rounds carbo/taxol as adjuvant therapy Jan-April this year because my oncologist warned that MMMT (though we call it endometrial carcinosarcoma here in the UK) has higher risk of systemic recurrence than the more common adenocarcinoma.
I have a referral next month to the London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, where I am going to get further advice on nutrition and also hopefully continue with Reiki and learn more about visualisation techniques. I try to do a lot for myself on that side of things though I am far from perfect in compliance!
I noted today sneaking a look at the doc's computer screen that they've got me booked for next four years' appointments - but he said they are going to refer me back to my local gynae next year.
I have learned a lot, and continue to do so, from this site and will continue to visit regularly.
Hope you are all doing well
Susan x

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