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Guess what

poopergirl14052's picture
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... I am still ned!!!.I couldn't believe it,my ca-125 stayed at 16.so now I go back in December before the holidays. I had some questions I wanted to ask but I flew out of there to spread the good new. I can sleep now for another few months. I couldn't do this journey without my teal girls,,so bless you...val

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I hope you Dance with NED for years to come!!!!!! You deserve it!

azgrandma's picture
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Joined: Feb 2010

I truly am happy for you hon

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I am doing the happy dance with you I am so glad you are still NED how long have you been in remission? What kind of dog is that you are holding I was wondering if it was a shih-tzu I have one her name is Molly May. I got her about a month before I found out I had cancer. I had to put my Westie down at 10 years old because he had bone cancer and I just could not live without a dog so I got Molly Mae. She was 10 months when I got her from the rescue shelter. I then found out a month later I had cancer and went through the surgery I think in some ways she is still upset by it because I was in the hospital for 7 days and then after being home for three days I was back in for 8 days since then I have been in the hosptial four more times. So every time I leave the house she tries to leave with me and if I am gone to long my mom said she gets something of mine (shoe, hat, clothes) and puts it by the back door and lays on it until I get home. She has been good for me because after chemo when I am not feeling so well she will lay on me for hours I think she thinks she is making me better lol. I did cry a lot when I realized my westie (Lord MacTavish I called him Mac)and I had cancer at the same time. I still miss him alot. Sorry for going on and on have a great night and I am so happy for you I will keep you in my prays every day so you stay in remission.


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Val...I am so happy for you. That was a great bit of news to wake up to! Hurray!

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I am so very happy to hear your news!

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Yeah... wonderful news to wake up to. We couldn't do this without you either.
Off to my gemzar infusion..... (((HUGS))) Maria

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Congratulations, Val, that's super news! I can fully empathize with your statement about being able to sleep for another few months. All of us here live in increments of 3 or 4 months, the time between checkups and tests.

We certainly couldn't carry on our journeys without you, either! You holding your lovely little dog in your pretty kitchen certainly speaks to the normality of life, something we should all hold on to while on our respective cancer journeys.


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Posts: 1185
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and I truely need you. My dogis a shi-zu and is always with me, her name is Heidi. My dogs have been by my side on my bad days and stay in the bedroom with me. I have been ned since April and I feel so blessed. I love all of my teal girls and pray everyday a cure will be found and we can live cancer free...val

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Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I know all too well the fear of the results we have when we are tested. I feel like we are in this journey together. I was diagnosed in Aug of 2010 and NED since May. (I had a few extra chemos before surgery.) So I will be checked next month....just in time for the holidays and I will be a basket case. I saw that you work in healthcare and I am an RN....are you still working? I am working PRN.
I saw your comment about asking the doctor about mortality. I have asked the question just about every time I go and yes I get the statistics. I finally got him to say that there are patients worse than me that are doing very well....that was all I needed to hear. The chemo nurses told me there are many patients that have had it for 20 years and longer. I just need to know that it is possible. And I believe that is all any of us need to know.
Keep doing that happy dance and we will enjoy the holidays this year and many more to come!


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You are such an encouragement to all of us on this board! Hope this continues for MANY years!! My CA-125 was 14. It was 106 before I began treatments in late June! One more big treatment to go. Take care and enjoy your life!!

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Great News! I am so happy for you. Doin' the Happy Dance!

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So very happy for you!

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Val that is great news. You keep it up girlfriend. Show that SSS (Code word for cancer- Stupid Stinkin Stuff) that you are the Boss.

Hugs to you

Cindy Bear
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I am so happy to read this...I am tickled teal.. Big hugs, Cindy

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I am so happy about your good news. I got my result Thursday and I am at 5. And as you said it is good to relax about this "thing" for a while.

To Linda, thanks for your info. My surgeon has told me he has patients who were worse than me who are still here, one 17 years. There is hope. I think we hear the bad news more than the good.


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Val I am so happy for you , that is wonderful news. Hugs Sharon

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wonderful news! Thanks for sharing. Get those dancin' shoes on!!!

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Sleeping at night is great. Dance the dance. I love all our teal sisters too.

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So glad to hear of your good news, you keep smiling !

LaundryQueen's picture
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Val: I am so VERY happy for you!

(((BIG HUG)))

mom2greatkids's picture
Posts: 528
Joined: Jun 2011

Congratulations Val! Hope it continues for MANY years!!

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