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Allergic Reaction to Taxotere?

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Well after all the late end side effects from my first cytoxan/taxotere treatments I was ready to get number 2 over with. Cytoxan went in without a hitch so I was optomistic. About 8 minutes into the 60 minute taxotere, I started feeling really flushed, started coughing and couldn't breathe. The nurses immediately stopped the taxotere and shot me up with benadryl, steroids and something else. They also had me on oxygen and after about 10 minutes I was back to my old self, but feeling very tired. My oncologist decided not to continue with the taxotere because of the quick and severe reaction. I ended up leaving with only one of the chemo drugs in my system. I will return on November 2 to meet with my oncologist and see what he has instore for me. I was so excited to be done with 2 out of 4 treatments and now I am thinking what if he starts me over on another regimine that lasts for another 3 months? After reading about the taxotere causing permanent hairloss I am a little freaked out about that too because so far I have been in the small percent of weird side effects. Also still haven't been able to have my thryroid nodule biopsied because my wbc were so low the day of the biospy. So that is still on the horizon and will hopefully happen this week. I got the Neulasta shot to boost my count and it shot up really high so I didn't need to get a shot after last Wednesday's treatment. Not sure if that's a good thing!

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sorry you are going through this..


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We were given prednisone to take the day before, the day of and the day after having Taxotere to prevent allergic reactions.....I'm assuming they did that for you as well. The reason being is a solvent is used to carry the taxotere and it can be very allergenic however, Abraxane is a sister...more expensive to taxotere but it uses a fat molecule to carry it so there is no need for the prednisone. The morning after my Taxotere my face looked like it was sunburnt and even though the prednisone was only for a short time, my face was already swelling. They had to cut my chemo down to 75% of what I should have. Hope things go better for you. Taxotere can be horrible for some of us but I like to think that it's also very potent.

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before my taxotere. The only time I had a problem was the day I had a different nurse who started it full speed instead of the slow start and slow build-up. Something else to ask about. Hope all goes well.

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via my IV before my chemo started ... Taxotere // Carboplatin along with Herceptin chemo combo given to me.

So sorry, Penny -- terrible how things can wrong so quickly. I am happy that you have staff there on hand to guide you, and resolve your allergic reaction. Scary ...

Strength, Courage and Hope.

Vicki Sam

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