Friday Riddle Answer

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My brothers, sisters, and I make nine,
try to guess what we are, go ahead, it's fine,
but don't say I didn't warn you when your brain turns to mush.
if you don't care, then prepare for the rush!

I am so large that I have 4 parts,
one's laid in sidewalks, another is art,
a third is quite general, the last is specific,
everyone thinks that I am terrific!

My first sister's hobby is describing the world,
in fact, she described me, and my meaning unfurled,
she likes me and our third brother, and just for fun,
we follow her around, through the moonlight and sun.

Our second brother's moving, present and past,
he commands us as if we're just as fast,
also, he's fickle, and it drives us all nuts,
all that undoing redoing has got to take guts!

Our second sister likes things that connect,
but for reasons unknown, she gets little respect,
perhaps it's because she's always been small,
when really she leads us at times, proud and tall.

Our third brother seems to have taken my path,
but he's ever so lazy and, well, you do the math:
He sums up so much 'cause he hates wasting breath,
he's done it since birth, and he'll do it 'till death.

Our third sister improves what was done by our first,
as well as brother #2 (it's the worst!),
she'll even improve herself, yeah, that's right,
she brags about how many things rewrites!

Our fourth brother moves in so many ways,
in, out, through, over, under, just like in a maze,
he assists brother 2 and connects him to me,
he does it with joy, and he does it with glee.

Sister 4 is quite loud, and goes solo a lot,
she leads our big group in the front, if not,
she's quite a loose cannon and curses a ton,
she interrupts others and won't stop til she's done.

Brother 5 is little known and doesn't own a lot,
in fact, 3 possessions is all he's got,
but he's quite persistent and contributes the most,
and he doesn't care that he's treated like a ghost.

So that is tale, I hope you enjoyed,
if you can't identify us, don't get annoyed,
don't worry, you'll figure it out in time,
but for now, this is my final rhyme.


We are the nine (yes, there are nine) parts of speech!

I am the noun. My 4 four parts are Concrete, Abstract, Common, and Proper.

Sister 1 is the adjective. Unfurled means further revealed, and nouns and pronouns always follow an adjective.

Brother 2 is the verb. Verbs can be past-tense or present tense, and can always be given un or re prefixes.

Sister 2 is the conjunction. Conjunctions always connect clauses and are usually short. They also start many sentences.

Brother 3 is the pronoun. Pronouns are used to shorten verbs, and have the same properties in writing.

Sister 3 is the adverb. They more thoroughly describe adjectives, verbs, and even other adverbs at times.

Brother 4 is the preposition. Prepositions describe "how." They always follow verbs and proceed nouns.

Sister 4 is the interjection. Interjections are usually shouted, and almost all curse words can be used as interjections. They are also the only part of speech (besides verb) that can make up an entire sentence. (Ouch!)

Poor little Brother 5 is the article. Articles aren't well known, and there are only three of them: a, an, and the. Yet you see them a lot in writing.