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CP-9 Chicago was a BLAST! Shout out to Suzann and Greta and others who helped.

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Hello you wonderful Semi-Colons!!

Having just last night returned from my very first Colonpalooza, I can attest to the fact that attending this extravaganza was worth every minute and every penny. Meeting CSN members face to face is moving, humbling, exciting, precious, and priceless. The fun and laughs and bonding that happens is just what the doctor ordered.

Thank you first to Suzann for hosting and planning the weekend activities. Your hard work was evident and I appreciate everything you did to facilitate a memorable event.

Thank you to Greta for sending goodies and lending support to our fabulous group.

I carry home with me many moments that I will treasure. It's hard to describe the depth of feeling and connection that immediately happens when meeting members of my cyber CSN family...some of whom I have been corresponding with for many years.

Putting live bodies with the names and faces from these boards, making human contact, listening to stories and meeting family members just makes all the more real this communal experience we share here on CSN.

Meeting everyone was exceptional. Happiness. Hope. Fun. Bonding.

I don't want to leave anyone out, so I hope you'll understand when I say that meeting Lisa Rose and scouty Lisa for the first time after knowing them for years and years was the icing on the cake (carrot no sugar - HA!) for me and one that induced tears and the biggest grins to grace my face.

I hope that in the future if you haven't attended you will make the effort to go. I have watched and listened year to year the comments from the returnees expressing their appreciation for the weekend, and now I totally get it.

Ten years on these boards I have seen so many members come and go. I wish it had worked out to attend more because some of my dear CSN friends will never be able to attend again, and I have lost the opportunity to meet them on this side. So if I can encourage anyone to make the effort to at least attend one in your life, I hope you will.

The time passed too quickly actually and if I have one regret, it's that I didn't spend enough time one on one with some of you who attended. I don't spend much time on here anymore and just don't have the time to read many threads, unless I get a heads up from someone concerning a particular post on juicing or nutrition for example then I can actually participate in the discussion. So sitting and visiting with many of you whom I don't converse with much, really meant A LOT to me. I LOVED meeting you and hearing your stories. Thank you for sharing your lives.

This post doesn't do justice to the feelings I had this weekend. It's just hard to put into words.

peace, emily

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It sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. While I've never tended one, I do know hat you mean with putting faces or meeting people that only know through the Internet.
I did see some photos, I hope they get labeled at some point

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I went back and put in first names only (unless I tagged them of course). Hope that helps.

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I'm glad you enjoyed CP9. It was wonderful to meet you and your family. Suzann did a wonderful job! Take care,


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Emily your words were perfect and truly share the feeling of the weekend.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to go the CP-9. Since I was only able to go for 2 of the days I too wish I would have had the opportunity to spend more one on one time with each of you. Those 2 days flew by.

This was my first ColonPalooza and I went alone. Honestly, for both those reasons I was a bit nervous but everyone was so welcoming to a newbie like me. Thanks guys!So let me encourage you to go in the future if you can....you will never regret it.

Suzann was the perfect host! Lisa(scouty) thanks for all the "goodies"...with some help from Peggy (Pluckey ) of course!

Lisa and Andy....thank you for sharing the slide show of the past Paloozas. Many of the past participants I only knew from them being talked about in memory on the board. What truly touched my heart as the two of you and Emily shared who they were with me was that though difficult and sad to know that they were no longer with us....you all smiled, talked about their personalities and great qualities.....not about cancer.....you were celebrating their life. It was heartwarming and probably the most emotional time of the weekend for me. The bond and depth of caring and love was so evident.

It was a pleasure to meet ALL of you. The bond and emotions are very hard to describe. You have touched my life forever.


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For three days I walked around Chicago with a smile on my face reveling in the fellowship. Meeting everyone was exciting and uplifting. I figured on that. The Semi-Colons are an interesting and wonderful bunch.

What completely blind-sided me was the melt-down I experienced yesterday. The emotions poured forth and there was no stopping once the dam burst.

Lisa (scouty) assured me that it is a totally normal response to the weekend, so I'm sharing this with you all in case you experienced it too and you're hoping you're not alone.

You're not.

Just wanted to share that.


peace, emily

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well, really can't add much to all the heartfelt comments. I had a great time in Chitown. Still walking on air which is far easier than walking on concrete sidewalks though no less enjoyable :-). Craig's Folsom prison blues in the karaoke bar was a highlight!

((((((hugs)))))) to all!

all the best, Leslie

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