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Best anal cancer blog EVER!!! Very funny stuff.

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And I thought MY blog was good . . .

Everyone must check this out. Very, very funny.

(okay, for whatever reason this site is blocking part of the blog address. Put these three words together: butt its cancer . . . .then .blogspot.com.)

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Checked out the blog and it is funny... the pictures couldn't be better. I liked the blog about the checkup with the surgeon especially since I had a sock monkey as a kid. Sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from crying...


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her sense of humor is off the charts with those pictures. She does a fabulous job of dispelling the stigma attached to anal cancer. Kudos to her!!!!

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I laughed and I laughed and then I laughed some more. When I didn't laugh, I just had to look a little harder and then I would crack up. By the way, it reads just as well backwards. Ha ha. I started at the end. I thought it was appropriate. OMG. It was way too much.

I like your new pic.



P.s. Maybe you should post on colon board, they could use a good laugh right now.

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I knew this had to be Imelda's blog! She is on another site I'm on and the first time I visited her blog, I just cracked up! Hey, if we can't laugh about this stuff, then we're doing it all wrong!

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the photographs alone in this blog say it all. When I need a belly laugh, I go to her blog. It works EVERY time. God bless her!

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