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hardly a routine colonoscopy....

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My younger sister, age 52, Elizabeth
after my CC cancer dx 3.5 years ago
finally after so long in drilling into her the importance of early detection? had a colonoscopy on Friday
little county hospital a few hours from Mayo in Rochester. Highly suspect it was just a regular doctor (although it may have been a GI guy, not sure) immediately finds a large, as in 5cm mass in rectum
decides to take her into surgery to get it, as he can't in regular colonoscopy room. Probably a smart move on his part.
Takes her to surgery that night, gets the mass, wants her to stay over night.
She does fine for awhile, then starts hemoraging. As in 3 bags of blood later. She then is transported up a level to the closest hospital who I suspect had a colorectal surgeon there (wasn't Mayo). Another surgery is done, more blood, in ICU, finally back in a regular room this afternoon.
Obviously concerned over her immediate stabilization, but no pathology back and the size of mass, is a concern.

So good thoughts, prayers are always welcome and

Please don't ever give up on getting your sibiling, children, parents, who ever in for that colonoscopy. Might want to think about who is doing it and where as well....it is frustrating and so pointless to put it off. I now have ONE sibling left that I am working on. We have such a STRONG family history of CC, for any one of them to think that they have dodged the bullet is really fricken STUPID.

UPDATE: she was taken back to surgery this afternoon. Turns out her bowel was nicked by the doc who decided to remove the 5cm masss.

Additional update: this doc is a general surgeon with FOUR years of experience. This is how little town, rural Wisconsin is. 2 hours from Mayo- a simple referral to a colorectal to take it out would have been the best solution, but no, MAN WITH EGO DECIDES TO TAKE IT OUT and nicks the bowel in the process. a 5cm mass!!

ADDITION to the Additional UPDATE

The 5cm mass this yoyo of a surgeon took out of sister was NON-MALIGANT (can you hear me excel my breath??)
She is feeling better- one of the 3 drains has been pulled, she started on clear liquids last night. Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts!!

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that is pretty much a heart breaker.....so sorry...yup sending heaps and buckets of prayers and love and good wishes to Elizabeth and you...


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she is on her way into surgery
they finally figured out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 they nicked her bowel- she will have a colostomy


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So sorry Pattee, I will be including your sister in my prayers. Now hopefully, your other sibling will pay attenttion!

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Hugs pattee!

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oh Patteee

that's not good....so sorry

more hugs....please post....


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Sorry for your sister's misfortune. [vent for later discussion]

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You can only do what you can. I've talked to my brothers, the oldest had it before me having a cancer diagnosis and the other (my younger) still hasn't. I've also talked to my children and even though they are in their early 30's it still doesn't matter what age. You can only talk and ask so much. I'm sorry to hear about your sister and prayers are being sent her way. Let us know how she is doing.


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I'm sorry to hear about your sister.They should have sent her to mayo,because it turned out the doctor wasn't as good as he thought he was.Good luck,and I will be praying for both of you.

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Your poor sister having all those problems...praying she recovers fast.

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I'm so sorry about your sister, Patti. This is such a wonderful example of how putting it off (especially in heavy denial cases) can seriously backfire. My brother is doing the same thing, and i hope he will be as lucky as he was the last time he put it off. He's only 39, but i was diagnosed at 38, and actually developed the cancer at around 34. I know my brother is dodging bullets right now, and MUST keep up on getting checked. He's now a year over-do for his colonoscopy. I am going to tell him your sister's story. It's a story everyone should hear.

Thank you so much for sharing it, and i hope and pray your sister gets through this safely, and WITHOUT a cancer diagnosis.


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Please keep us updated on your sister.....


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I am so sorry to hear that your sister has to go through this. We will pray for good results on the dx and that she will heal and be able to have the corrective surgery. I know the problem of denial. My sisters and two brothers have had their colonoscopys but 3 brothers have not. My youngest two sisters in their forties have their colonocopys this month. My youngest sister had damage to her liver which her doctors say is not from colon cancer but from a supplement she was taking. Prayers for her and your sister.

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Sorry for her condition! She is lucky to have you in her corner.
Your friend in California~

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He had no business taking that out at that size! Especially since she was asymptomatic at the time. As you said he should have referred her to a colorectal surgeon.

My tumor was 5cm as well but in the colon....they did not take it out for that very reason.....chance of significant bleeding at that size .....2 days later my amazing colorectal surgeon took it out.

Im so sorry for her misfortune and hope she has an uneventful recovery. Kudos to you for continueing to hound her about getting tested. You very well may have saved her life.

I will keep her in my prayers,

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but so angry at how she has been treated, that surgeon had no right to go ahead with the removal if there was no blockage etc. No matter what happens sending good thoughts her way that she makes a good recovery, sending hugs your way patteee.

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