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update on retirement and filing for VA disability

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Well I was retired medically in April from the US Army, with 75%. We (my kids and I) also purchased a house during the time frame of retiring. I ended up having a tube still coming out my left kideny while doing all this.

When I was on terminal leave I filed a claim with the VA center here, they are suppose to have a "fast track system" here. But I am still waiting. I called the other day they are still awaiting for more medical paperwork from the VA here in El Paso. I received a letter saying they are still working on my claim. I do know when I receive the disability I will receive back pay.

I am also receiveing Disability (SSI) so I also have medicare plus tricare. Which is better my options of what dr I see etc. The civilan drs are so different.

Still dealing with side effects from the treatments

Hope everyone else is fine

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