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dog just died of cancer - augh!!

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Miserable few days - my sweet dumb dog took ill, off to the vet, ran some tests, started to get a bad feeling, more tests. Turns out the darned dog had cancer -- Augh. I tried my best to stay -- how shall I say it -- neutral and appropriately detached. But, darn it -- very hard when they are 'talking technical' and I know every damn term. In the end, the decision was easy -- she's gone, and painlessly (for her!). Had to keep reminding myself she's "just a dog". Sniff sniff.

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I have a neighbor whose dog died of cancer a year or so ago. It was a Pit Bull but it was such a nice dog.
It sucks to lose a pet but to cancer when it's something WE are dealing with must be tougher in many ways.
Sorry for your loss....

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that is the complete pits.....I am so sorry. I think we all underestimate the power of love these guys provide. I agree with Philly...to lose to cancer must be hard indeed.

The day I put my darling cat down I fell right on the floor on knees and wailed....it was sooooo hard

Tara so sorry


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Sorry for the loss of your dog. I love my animals and they have helped me through my treatment. I have had to put down 2 dogs in my life and it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I stayed with them while they fell asleep and then were gone, then I took them home with me and buried them, I could not stand the thought of them being anywhere but home.

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even with animals!.
Hugs dear friend!

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So, sorry Tara, we had to put our bunny down last fall because of cancer, was about a month before my diagnosis. Lets face it, they're a part of our family.

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I am so sorry Tara, having just had to put down a beloved pet of 15 yrs. I know the pain.
They are our best friends, and there is a big void without them.
I told the vet, when my time comes, I am calling him. Casey went so peacefully. i hope to do the same. Meanwhile, there is no such thing as just a dog, to dog people.
Prayers to you, Judy

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So Sorry - we just put our dog down last week. She did not have cancer as far as we know, but she did have a disorder that when she got excited or scared her trachea would close and she couldn't breathe. She usually comes out of it, but this last time it went on for days. She was 12, she was a yellow lab and the most loyal, best dog that we had ever owned. My husband, who has cancer used to sit with her and she would calm his nerves. She asked for nothing in return but to be loved - as she was loved more than I think she will ever know. My husband is taking it bad, and we all think that we hear her coughing. It is sad, and I know how you are feeling. Good Luck to you, it does get better.

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Tara, I'm so sorry that you lost your pup. It hurts, I know, but try to take comfort in that she passed painlessly. Hugs, Cynthia

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I am so sorry. The pets I have had are just like family. Mine makes me happy everyday.
Again, I am sorry for your loss.


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My dog died of prostrate cancer in
2007.I still have his ashes on the mantle aand I have another dog. When I take him to the vet they know not to take him in the room where we euphaized the other dog. I pretty much don't care what anyone says about it. The dog was like my child and he was part of my family. Period!$

Don't feel guilty about having feelings of sadness. It is natural and worst when you fight it. Oh I also took 2 days off from work for bereavement. That seemed to help.


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Oh I am so sorry about your dog. We lost one of our Westies to cancer. Don't laugh, but I did juice her for awhile...but too little too late by the time it occurred to me to try.

We grieve our furry friends deeply. Having had many dogs in my life and losing them never gets any easier. Losing any pet is the pits and I bawl every time I do, so the sniff sniff is completely understandable. Are they really ever "just a dog" ? They don't seem so.

(or in our case kitties, bunny, rat, donkey, sheep, or goat)(I didn't cry at the goat actually)

Glad she didn't have to suffer.

peace, emily

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Emily, you juiced your dog? Really? Sorry, I am laughing, but I am sad you lost your dog.

Tara, I am sorry you lost your dog too. They can be such sweeties, no? Feeling the loss is only natural. Here is to hoping the fond memories will soon overcome your loss.

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Dear Tara,

=*( I'm so sorry to hear that! My husband keeps asking me to have a dog or cat but I always say no to him because I cannot bare to see them go earlier than me!

I really feel for you!
Lots of love to you and your family

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We lost Sundance to cancer as well. He was a golden retriever and we had him 13 years. He used to lay his head down just below my waist and get very quiet and sad. Turned out I had cancer then.

Before my 2nd recurrence, he used to lay his down at my side, right at where my liver was. He always lay in the same spot, even though it could not have been comfortable for him. One night I asked him, "Sundance, does your papa have cancer again?"

Bingo! Dr. Sundance had correctly diagnosed cancer in my liver - that's a true story.

They are not 'just dogs' and you know that:) Your dog was very close to you and you were closely attached as well. When we share our lives with our furry companions, they become a part of you, because they have become a part of you, when you invited them into your life and into your heart.

Only hours before Sundance's death, he was still trying to make us smile, when he must have felt something awful - if only he could have spoken - somehow, one day I thought he just might:)

I'm sorry that cancer got your buddy - it's hard enough on us and we have choices that many of our pets never get the chance for. It's heartbreaking but it would probably be harder to watch them suffer and not be able to have a say in that either.

I'm sending my condolences and a big hug:) It's 3 years since Sundance's passing and his memory never fades away - he still lives on in my heart and I honor his being by taking his name and trying to help folks on this board with the passion that he tried to help me.

Love and hugs, Tara


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