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Heading west!

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I will just conceder myself an ole Texas cowpoke with a sore tail. I pray for perseverance, patience and and good results as I leave MDAnderson.
And Houston. Will be back end of January for results of procedures. Until then, I am going to heal, hug my kids n grand kids, pet my puppies and celebrate the holidays.

Ok. That's my plan. Hope I can hold tight. When ihave weak times I will go to my newest friends!

I will not mention names though I would love to shout from the roof tops, but there is a special lady amongst us. She has sent me personal messages, called me on the phone, even talked to my husband and her ck up appt was the same timeframe as my initial appt and she went out of her way to meet and talk to us. I can. Not identify her, she is a very private LADY, will recognize herself and God bless her. I just need to make a a point of how important the people on this site are. God bless ALL the people here, with special thanks and hugs to my visible friend. Lorie

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As you begin your journey home, I want to wish you a safe and comfortable trip. As you stated previously, you are going to take your time and doing so will hopefully let you travel without difficulties and undue pain. When you get home, you'll heal even faster, being surrounded by your loved ones and furry friends.

That is so awesome that you got to meet one of the members on this site. Whoever she is, she is obviously someone with a huge heart and I'm so glad you had her with you during this stressful time. May God bless her.

Have a safe trip and let us know when you arrive home. Take care and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Hello, heading west reminds me of the saying go west young man, I don't know where that saying came from. I have an idea who your angel is, but I will not say as I agree that she is private. Its amazing how people will come together to help one another, and it makes me feel grateful to have this site for that reason. I hope you will have a quick journey home. Lori

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Hope your travels are going well and you aren't in too much discomfort. I know you'll heal faster in familiar surroundings...your own bed and potty and your very own pet therapy.


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Hi Lorie!!
So awesome you're heading for home where its familiar with family, friends, pets...your 'safe haven'.
Rest laugh cry smile chillax celebrate......you deserve all this & much more!

Many hugs & blessings to you!!

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